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Help our 6 year behaviour at school totally changes

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Dibell Fri 10-Mar-17 10:56:19

Help our 6 year behaviour at school totally changes<br>
Our son has always been excellent at school. Yet these last few weeks he has gone the opposite way and started play fighting with other in the dinner hall and chatting in class when meant to be working also messing about in the toilets with other kids yet he only one got into trouble for it. The others apparently went back and told teacher he was messing about in the toilets.<br>
It may be a concincedence but these past few weeks only thing that has changed is he started having school milk. He has milk every morning for long time and he has been done what naughty with tampturms and answering back we put it down to Orange juice which we cut out. <br>
We then thought as he was misbehaving only at home he was seeing how far he could push the boundaries. Plus just a 6 year old being a boy.But he always been good in school.<br>
We thought as only thing that had change was the extra milk at school it maybe that. <br>
So for past few days we asked school to stop giving him milk we also stopped to see how it affected him and we had the odd naughty moments but nothing like we used to get off him, in fact we can deffientley seem some change for the better in him. Yet another day at school messing about!
Had any one else had any problems when there child has had Milk?
All advice be great as we are so worried about him.Saw the GP who no help just said try him 2 weeks no milk them 2 weeks give him milk which we dont want to do and set him back if it is the milk.

dinobum Fri 10-Mar-17 14:25:47

Cut it out for 4 weeks then try it. Ultimately no one can really advise beyond you trialling it like that

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