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How do I handle this?

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Mum8 Thu 02-Mar-17 22:34:04

How do I deal with this?
We have been out of our home now for 4 months in rented accommodation due to mould issues in our home that is now being repaired. I am 37 weeks pregnant and had mould allergy when this happened but I'm fine since we got out. DH who always suffered from asthma due to mould though is severely affected so much so that he has to wear a mask when he is driving or avoids going to the office as the aircon affects him and he feels dizzy and unwell. A month ago he mentioned selling our home (we were only a year there) and me being in nesting mode felt I was going to collapse and got so upset. He dropped the subject and said let's repair what's needed and make it a nice safe home, but tonight he told me he is affected by it and concerned how his life will be and find his health will ever come back.

I am devastated, have GD and Strep B and want to focus on having a healthy baby and a safe labour, but his concerns affect me. I want to nest and I can't and his state affects me. He felt unwell coming to the hospital with me, he plans to wear a mask when I'm in labour there and I feel with h bring unwell and a difficult already life with our two under four children, this is too much to handle

He went to a specialist already for his high sensitivity to mould, but no solution was found, they only gave him an asthma medicine and when I mentioned it may be partly psychological, he denies that completely and does not want to look into homeopathy that I suggested as he does not believe in that... And I feel lost, I want our home to remain our home but want him to feel and be well... And then he speaks maybe we will need to move countries and I'm devastated... This is the home we are renovating and trying to make it ours... Now no home and minimal support at labour, I feel so lost and do not know where to grasp on

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dinobum Fri 03-Mar-17 16:23:24

Sounds psychological. I'd urge him to see gp about anxiety rather than homeopathy though as the latter is pointless

Bimbop5 Fri 31-Mar-17 04:23:04

Sometimes when people are exposed to high levels of mould they can find they get ill easily. It can make people more sensitive to other things. I'm not good at explaining it but if u google moukd or mold exposures you will probably find quite a bit of info. I doubt he's making it up. It is highly stressful and treating anxiety will help but he is smart to be careful as his body heals. I'm so sorry you both are going through this. I bet he is feeling just as devastated and stressed out as you, if not more so. Poor guy. Does he have chemical sensitivites too?

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