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Possible pet allergie

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mich9586 Thu 02-Mar-17 08:48:36

My baby is 9 months and has had a constant cold / cough for months, ive taken her to the doctor who said it was common and babies catch different colds etc which feel like they are lasting forever but infact they just catch one after another. Her nose is constantly running and the cough is much worse in the morning generally when shes just waking up.
Im allergic to dust, pet dander etc and have just learned to live with it but dont want her to suffer the same.
We do have a dog who is not allowed upstairs but does have the run of the house downstairs. The dog is 7 and i have had her from a puppy so is very much part of our family.
I am going to elevate her mattress and looking into buying an air purifier. Is there any recommendations for one or any other ideas i can use.

Thanks in advance

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