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Cmpa? Please advise

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melonribena Tue 28-Feb-17 23:45:58

Ds1 had a cmpa which was diagnosed at 6 months when we started weaning. Was ebf.
His symptoms were..
Awful eczema from birth
He hated lying flat and was an awful sleeper, waking constantly for months (years)
He developed hives from taking milk but grew out of his allergy by 3.

We now have ds2 who is 5 months and also ebf. At the point of planning weaning, I'm scared he has a cmpa and that it is worse than ds1's. He is different to ds1 and I'd appreciate any thoughts.

His symptoms ...
He has no eczema, a bit of dry skin
He is happy lying flat and sleeps much better
He's always pulling at his ears
He's been congested and full of cold since birth

Do you think he might have cmpa?

peripateticparents Wed 01-Mar-17 00:42:46

Melon, please please please (!) Look up the EAT study. My dc2 has multiple severe allergies from birth. Dc3 was showing similar signs but after a few rocky months following the study, she no longer reacts to anything.

peripateticparents Wed 01-Mar-17 00:43:43

I should note that dc3 wasn't as severe as dc2. Couldn't have done it with him.

melonribena Wed 01-Mar-17 05:42:26

I've read the website and looks fascinating. Would you mind explaining what you did and tell me about your dc? Please pm if you'd prefer

peripateticparents Thu 02-Mar-17 08:05:55

Hi melon, I basically went to the part of the site where they give the diaries and the how to pages for the people in the trial. And then I did it too grin. I no longer have the paperwork but it was basically a bit of all the high risk foods from very early on. Littlest had tongue thrust reflex for a long time so really only got small tastes for ages, but went from allergy rashes and bad nappies, rotten nights after eating certain things, etc etc to effectively no issues at all.

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