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WaitrosePigeon Mon 27-Feb-17 20:52:04


How can I get a diagnosis for gluten intolerance. Is there such a thing?


Hassled Mon 27-Feb-17 20:57:41

Has Coeliac already been ruled out? I mean, have you had blood tests and then an endoscopy?
The problem is that gluten intolerance was dismissed as nonsense for a long time (and still is by many). If you're not Coeliac, then there's no reason to not eat gluten, etc. It seems only relatively recently that there has been some sort of acknowledgement that some people who are not Coeliac still struggle with gluten - and I really don't know if you'll find a medic who will give you a diagnosis (but I'm no expert and may well be talking bollocks). It may be a case of you just excluding gluten from your diet and feeling better.

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