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Lactose Intolerence

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jocker Wed 28-Feb-07 14:23:43

My daughter has lactose intolerence and now has SMA LF and she is now gaining weight, but I am concerned that I still feed here 5oz every 2hours and that she has a dirtynappy after each feed so 8- 9 times aday and none of the doctors are concerned they are just focusing on her weight gain which is 4-5 oz a week. Please help she was born 7.12oz and at 11weeks she is now 10lb I am going mad with worry !!!!!!!

bampa Wed 28-Feb-07 16:03:51

Hi. my ds (now 13 months) is intolerant to dairy (Don't know if specifically lactose intolerant though) and I mixed bf and infasoy(cow&gate) ff from 4 months. Maybe you could try her on a soya ff and see if there's any change. Your hv won't advise it as they aren't recommending soya anymore but i have read up on it fully and the world health organisation still say it's as safe as cow's milk formula. sorry don't think that's much help but hope you get sorted and try not to worry.

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