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Neocate questions

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foresthouse Tue 07-Feb-17 14:59:23

10 month old DS has been prescribed Neocate lcp amino acid based powder for possible cows milk intolerance. Firstly I'm confused about how to prepare it, seems like the water only needs to be warm not hot going by the instructions on the back of the tin. Says boil water (unspecified amount) and leave for AT LEAST 30 min so it feels warm on the wrist. So not hot then if ok to pour on wrist.... He currently has aptamil and the instructions for that says boil 1 litre of water leave for NO LONGER than 30 min. Also says be aware of scalding...

Does neocate not need to be sterilised by hot water like standard formula does anyone know?

Secondly the stuff tastes absolutely vile like rotten fish, tried some seriously made my stomach turn. Couldn't they have tried harder to make it taste ok? Of course little guy wouldn't take it tried a few sips then looked at me with a very puzzled expression and tried to slap the bottle out of my hand. So will try to mix it with aptamil initially but feel a bit cruel for trying to make him drink it. He's a super fuzzy eater so don't have high hopes of him ever getting used to this stuff sad

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