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does is sound like my 1 year old has an allergy

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dkilgore89 Thu 02-Feb-17 09:43:18

my son has just turned one. hes been having a whole lot of mucus in his nappys the past 2 weeks he has a sore tummy b4 he goes. the smell is awful. if he eats weetabix wth cows milk hes sick i tried it with soya and same thing happened. he cant eat petite filou yoghurts. times i giv him cheese and he seems ok. iv been rly confused as to whats wrong. the health visitor doesnt no. i have an app with the dr on monday as his mood has just been awful. i cant seem to find a connection with certain foods other than the weetabix and petite filou. any1 have any advice? x

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Wolfiefan Thu 02-Feb-17 09:46:15

Until you see your GP I would keep a food diary. Everything he eats and how he reacts. Hope they can help.

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