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Could this be a allergies or intolerances?

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tinajayne1993 Sun 29-Jan-17 08:56:11

Hiya I'm a first time mum to a beautiful boy and need some help. Since birth every time he eats he is really unsettled and was being sick afterwards. He also hated being put down flat to sleep. He also has had gunky eye since birth. we went to the doctors who said he had conjunctivitis so gave drops and he said he sounded like he had reflux and colic so gave use gaviscon to put in his bottles we also used infacol with every feed it seemed to help for a couple of day with the quantity of sick but not the discomfort after eating e.g Tensing up ,legs pulled up, grunting and crying this was at 3 weeks old after a week I went back to the doctors also by this pointed when he was sleeping he stop breathing and then gasp for air and had blood in his poo twice. I thought I'd hit the jackpot when I got a female doctor thinking she will be more understanding but I was totally wrong. I explained to her what was going on she checked him over and said he was fine and that baby's are sick and they will cry and to deal with after braking down crying and getting no where with her I explained about his breathing and she said his lungs sounded fine and he wasn't doing it now so he was fine and that I should be speaking to my health visitor about all this. I did and she said go to the doctors. I truly had enough and walked out as she was not understanding at all and made out that I was a hypochondriac. I phoned my health visitor to come out and watch a feed to witch she did and she could see his was in really discomfort. She said to try colief so I did for a week and still it did work so I phoned the doctors and asked if it would be okay to change his milk to comfort and they said they couldn't see any harm. So he has been on comfort for a week and a half now and even though he doesn't bring his legs up and tense as much his still got the following symptoms ; Gulping air and coughing/spitting food out whilst feed
Tensing after feeds and making grunting noises and wriggling and throughing head back even when sitting up straight when living at a angle will turn the head all the way to the right side and shake it and stiff as a iron board
Fleming/wezzing breathing
Sqwelling after feeding and random times through the day
Holding breath Tensing and going bright red and grunting numerous times of day
Gasping for air when sleeping
Sqwelling and grunting and wriggling about when put down to sleep and going bright red half hour after feed
Being sick hour hour half after feeds
Hiccups all the time
Sneezing and coughing frequently
Blood in poo twice
Rashes on arms chest and neck
Rashes on side of head
Glupping alot after feeds
Losing latch when feeding numerous times each feed.
Being sick when pooing
Bring up alot of cleared fluid
Poo either 2 times a day or constipated and hard
Trying to chew at hands and wrist wheb awake and sleep
I feed him sitting up, i also keep him upright after feeds for 20 - 30 mins, I have put books underneath his moses basket, I have changed his Tits size, I burp him 3 times in a feed I have tried everything I can think of I have a doctors appointment on Tuesday again because I know something not right. Sorry about the long post just hoping some one can help me with handling all this and wondering if anyone else's baby was like this and what was the out come. Thanks you

JiltedJohnsJulie Sun 29-Jan-17 09:22:31

Has the GP or the HV suggested DS being investigated for Cow's Milk Protein Allergy? Have a read of this on the Allergy UK site and see if you think he may have the symptoms.

As for going back to the GP, I'd film him when he's screaming and insist on a referral to a Paed. If you think you may get robbed off again, could you take someone with you for support?

dkilgore89 Thu 02-Feb-17 09:47:20

it does stil sound like part of it could be reflux. gaviscon didnt help my 2. ranitidine and a thick reflux milk did the trick pretty much straight away bt most of the symptoms u are describing sound like reflux. now the blood in the poo sounds like a milk allergy. comfort milk will make that worse u need to research a special type of milk that maybe a dr can prescribe for you. you must be soo frustrated x good luck x

tinajayne1993 Thu 02-Feb-17 10:34:29

Hey his got milk now prescribed and we are trailing it for 2 weeks but he seems better and worse and his done ball his self up any more and when his sleeping his dead asleep and I can put him down on his back and his fine but his now gulps alot more and when he swallowing except from feeding he is crying for a good 20 mins after but I hear his we belly going when he does this but it's not due his feed time so don't know if that is reflux. Xx

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