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Allergies to apples and pears

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crayon Sun 25-Feb-07 09:45:28

This is for me - not my children, but I wondered if anyone else has a similar situation.

At certain times of the year (starting about now) I have to avoid apples and pears because eating them gives me immediate very strong hayfever symptons (general allergic reaction - itchy eyes etc). This has only happened for the last two years, though my hayfever has changed from traditional 'hayfever' time of year to Feb onwards over the last 5 years.

Anyone else?

lizziemun Sun 25-Feb-07 23:03:53

Yes i can not eat raw apples as my mouth, lips , throat and tongue get covered in water blisters also my throat feels like it closing up. I think it's more to do with chemicals which are sprayed on them, as organic fruit i fine with.

NotsoplainJane Mon 26-Feb-07 09:49:33

Try googling Oral Allergy Syndrome. There was an interesting talk on it at The Allergy Show last year. It's to do with the proteins in some fruits being similar to proteins in some pollens - so if you get sensitised to pollen (i.e. hayfever), you can get symptoms eating particular fruits.

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