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anyone else seen both allergy specialist and paediatrician

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tatt Sun 25-Feb-07 09:29:25

we saw an allergy consultant first time, have since had to see a consultant "with an interest" instead. The service from the second was definitely inferior. Just wondered if anyone else had been able to compare consultants and if so what you thought?

When the government last looked at allergy services the paediatricians argued they were better in some ways. All I can say is not in my experience.

williamsmummy Sun 25-Feb-07 10:27:39

not in my experience either, refused epi pens as son was too small, but given aleaflet explaining how to use one.
Told that he was mild to moderate allergy wise.

Forward on a 18 months later at 2 1/2 lots of epi pens, severe reactions, and lots of allergies.

Refferred to St marys under Gideon lack, who has moved to St thomas now, son will now see Prof jonathon warner.

Of course none of these docs have any idea what it is like to shop and cook for people with multiple allergies.

Allergies when 2,
peanut/tree nuts/egg/beans/kiwifruit/ cat/dog/ dustmite/ tree pollen

Allergies to date ( 11 yrs )
peanut/all beans/yeast extract/kiwi fruit/dog/cat/dustmite/tree pollen/hay fever

tatt Sun 25-Feb-07 10:41:35

interesting. I think you'll like Professor Warner, I believe he's one of the few who does have some understanding of what its like. Are you seeing him at St Thomas?

crayon Sun 25-Feb-07 13:38:47

'Of course none of these docs have any idea what it is like to shop and cook for people with multiple allergies' - how true William's Mum.

I was trying to explain to our paediatrician how I would like DS2 tested as it is difficult to cook for a family in which one member couldn't eat fish, eggs, tomatoes, peppers, pepper related seasonings, citrus fruit, strawberries, seeds and nuts. I explained all the ways in which we tried to work around his allergies but that it was 'a bit of a faff' cooking from scratch for absolutely every meal, as well as preparing different food for the rest of the family so that DS1 has eggs, fish etc.

In her very short letter back to the Dr the foul woman quoted 'X's Mother finds it a 'bit of a faff' cooking from scratch' - and neglected to refer to the rest of our conversation . Made me look like a lazy mother who simply couldn't be bothered to make an effort.

It is hard, really hard, to find food that is nutritious and contributes to a balanced diet, for all the family.

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