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Need some perspective

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melonribena Wed 11-Jan-17 11:33:26

Please can you read and see if you think my 15wk old ds could have a cmpa.
I am so worried about it.

He's 15 weeks and ebf. He's had about 3 bottles of formula in his life and had no reaction to them as far as we know,but

He's always been snuffly and congested and we often have to use saline spray and aspirate in the morning. He also is a little whistly when breathing.

A week ago he started having some little dry skin patches on his cheeks and started rubbing his eyes not always when tired.

I'm scared stiff to try formula.

For reference,ds1 had a cmpa. He grew out of it by 3. He had awful eczema from
3 months old but wasn't snuffly or didn't rub his eyes. He had the odd bottle of formula in his life and always sicked it straight back up.
We realised he had cmpa when weaning and the symptoms quickly exacerbated.

Any input would be gratefully received.

It's the snuffly/congestedness that bothers me and what seems to be the beginning of dry skin/eczema symptoms. I'm going back to work earlier this time and worry

melonribena Wed 11-Jan-17 21:04:05


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