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Reaction to tinned baked beans

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PurpleBurtle Mon 09-Jan-17 07:18:26

I've noticed every time I eat heinz baked beans I wake up with a very runny nose, congested the next day, any ideas what's in it that I could be reacting to?
I'm currently trying to give up gluten as I also react to that. I thought I may be reacting to tomatoes but don't seem to have a problem if I eat a normal slice of tomato?

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GwendolynMary Mon 09-Jan-17 07:23:47

Oooh! Someone else who is reacting to Heinz beans!

I break out in hives, so I've stopped eating them. I was allergy tested for other reasons (ANA to shellfish, very allergic to mould, react to lots of other stuff) and the allergist could not work out why I was reacting. The scratch test was ok for navy beans. We are stumped. Once, I would dismiss as cross contamination. It happened twice though, with different batches. confused

I'm in Australia. Not helpful for you, but I was so excited that someone else is in my boat. grin Hope you work it out.

user1471537877 Mon 09-Jan-17 08:27:21

Well it's not gluten as Heinz beans are gf, is there any celery in it? That's quite a common one that goes unnoticed

user1471537877 Mon 09-Jan-17 08:33:42

Just had a quick google and cassia cayenne and clover are hidden potential causes according to Heinz themselves along with spirit vinegar and haricot beans which 5% of people with a nut allergy react to

PurpleBurtle Wed 11-Jan-17 07:09:17

Thanks, I will look into them other ingredients,it doesn't seem to be anything obvious.
I think I need to have some allergy testing done but don't know how to go about this

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trixymalixy Wed 11-Jan-17 12:21:33

It could be the beans themselves, they are a legume so the same family as peanuts.

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