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Can allergies/food intolerances contribute to speech delay?

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Happymumdays Wed 04-Jan-17 20:45:20

Does anyone have experience of their LOs having great improvements in speech after resolving any allergies/food intolerances? DS is 32 months and is still only babbling, makes animal noises, says mum, dad, ta, bye, night night, but sounds nasally when doing so. He usually has a runny nose, worse when outdoors, but mostly clear, sometimes green. DH has allergies to cats, dogs, and exercise-induced asthma. Have greatly reduced dairy which has made a difference but thinking of removing wheat and gluten for a while to see how that goes. Never had issues with ear infections, no reason to suspect hearing issues but might get it tested anyway to rule it out. Had 1st appt with SALT but was told doing all the right things. Have 6 yr old DD who didn't have any issues but didn't have the nasal congestion. Any advice gratefully appreciated, thanks.

canteatcustard Wed 04-Jan-17 21:54:44

I would agree, get ears checked for glue ear. esp as he has environmental allergies. Have they been formally diagnosed? As medication, eg nasal sprays may help.
I would go for that,rather than removing whole food groups from diet, esp if you dont have any other signs of food allergy or intolerance?
Children with rhinitis often sound a little nasally and are commonly mouth breathers. They also tend to develop a high arch palate due to constant nasal drip.

The glue ear could ebb and flow, and sometimes almost total hearing can be lost then come back. This does have an impact on learning speech.

And, of course speech development can take a while or need support in many children and not the cause of allergies.

Msqueen33 Wed 04-Jan-17 21:57:35

My dd is nearly four and was diagnosed with coeliac a year ago. Her speech is incredibly poor. Second hearing test bumped her to satisfactory and ent couldn't see glue ear. She gets a lot of runny noses but no cold if that makes sense. She also talks in a slightly odd way. So following this with interest.

CurlsNoMore Wed 04-Jan-17 23:14:31

Really interesting - both my children have allergies but only my youngest has speech delay. It has taken over a year of asking HV to help and in the end went to my GP who referred to a hearing test that showed glue ear. I would request a hearing test -my youngest hasn't had many colds and no overt signs of ear infections and yet has had glue ear on/off for over a year. Seeing a cranial osteopath has helped clear it (help. drain the eustational tubes) but it returned when we stopped regularly going.

jmszel Sat 07-Jan-17 12:26:06

We only discovered my sons allergies 6 months ago. He is 21months and doesn't say much, definitely a delay. Im hoping he catches up over the next year or so.

helenfagain Wed 25-Jan-17 14:25:18

I am just about to try me eczema prone 19 month old on a casein and gluten free diet as he also has loose stools. He used to say a couple of words but only mumma and goal now, although babbles a lot. I have my suspicions that this might all be down to a food allergy.

Funnyface1 Wed 08-Feb-17 14:23:45

Yes, my little boy is 6 now and his were not allergies but intolerances. At 2 he was behind in everything and didn't speak at all. When we cut out the offending foods he absolutely came to life. He toilet trained in a week, his motor skills developed rapidly and at now at 6 there is nothing he can't say or do. He was also a much happier chap, must have left him feeling a bit rubbish.

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