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Am I allergic to my boyfriend?

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scalysod Tue 03-Jan-17 17:32:08

Recently been fighting to get a big eczema flareup under control. Not unusual. However shortly after meeting my boyfriend I developed eczema on my face which I'd never had before. Despite multiple GP and hospital appointments, steroid creams, antibiotics, Montelukast and blood tests (allergic to cats, dogs, weeds, grass, pollen, mold etc) my skin flares up where he touches me. I have no problems with his toiletries or washing powder, no reaction to his dog or sitting in his house, I just become uncontrollably itchy around him. No similar problems with anyone else!
It's really getting me down sad

chloesmumtoo Wed 04-Jan-17 12:58:12

How long have you known him. Are you nervous/anxious before a meet up which could bring it on. How do you know you are ok with all his toiletries? What about dust mite allergy? Do you have that? Could it be where his clothes are stored eg mold spores or dust? Is he wearing new clothes, not yet laundered. Tumble dryer scented sheets used? Shaving gel? Does he have contact with other peoples pets? A hand soap used at work? So many posible reasons causes, or do you eat a different food drink when he is around? Are you wearing a new perfume or makeup just for him. Its going to be a bit of a puzzle but just keep thinking of everything.

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