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I've developed a nut allergy, what do I do next? Is it worth getting tested?

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ButtonLoon Tue 03-Jan-17 17:19:57

About a year ago, I realised that almonds were making my throat itchy, and then nutella too. I had previously thought I had oral allergy syndrome, as I had this awful sore tounge and throat that wasn't thrush, but that seems to have resolved itself over a year ago. (I never narrowed down any foods that were causing problems other than honey and possibly cucumber.)

So there was always this question in my head about whether it was simply an allergy to the raw nuts but not the cooked. Over Christmas I ate 3 posh mince pies without even thinking about the allergy potential. After the 4th, my throat started itching. Yup, almonds, and obviously they'd be cooked.

I know allergies can get much worse quickly, or never get much worse at all.

Is it worth getting tested to check the severity and if I'm allergic to any other nuts? (I've avoided everything but peanuts and cashews as they are fine for me.)

Is it worth asking my GP, or should I go private? (I can afford it, about £300.)


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ButtonLoon Tue 03-Jan-17 17:28:21

Checked prices again. Actually £400+ I should probably ask the GP!

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