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Dietician poss going to put ds on fodmap

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Badders123 Mon 02-Jan-17 21:45:16

As the title says my ds2 (8) is going to see a
Dietician in a couple of weeks
He is a veggie (since he was about 2.5)
He eats lots of fruit and veg but little proteins
He is on meds for reflux (omeprazole) and was dx with abdominal migraine 18 months ago which he is on pizotifen for
He was constantly on antibiotics for over a year until they took his tonsils out (July 2014)
Since his op he is growing well
my mum has coeliac and I am non coeliac gluten intolerant so there is a genetic component I think
My concern is that he eats mostly fruit veg and bread 😖
I've tried many gf breads over the years and haven't been too impressed - I quite like the m and s gf bloomer
Not keen on genius as it has too many seeds in
Is it easy to make gf bread in a bread maker?
He also loves apples so would sad not to eat those too
Any tips?
Do I have to make cakes and biscuits?
I just want to get him off all the meds 😞😞

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