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Test for coeliacs - will the doctor do it?

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whojamaflip Thu 29-Dec-16 21:55:06

I have been gluten free by choice for the last 2 years - decided to reduce it in my diet as I noticed I was bloating when eating bread - since cutting it out I'm now free of pain in my joints, my tummy and bowel problems have disappeared, I'm full of energy (including getting my sex drive back!) and my psoriasis has cleared up completely shock

I've been talking to a couple of friends who are coeliac and they have suggested that I go for a test o confirm I have a problem. My question is if I go to the doctors are they able to take bloods for testing at the surgery or do I have to wait for a referral - I know I have to reintroduce gluten into my diet for six weeks before which I'm not looking forward to at all but should I do this before going to my doctor? Would rather keep my intake to the minimum as I know how I will react 😕

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whyohwhy000 Fri 30-Dec-16 12:13:40

Usually your GP does the blood test, but it tests for antibodies so you need to eat gluten at the time of the test.

I think it would be best to go and see your GP first and get advice.

More info:

It says not to remove gluten from your diet before the test.

PaperdollCartoon Fri 30-Dec-16 12:24:14

You need to have been eating gluten for 6 weeks before a coeliac test for it to show anything. Go and speak to the doctor and see what they say. A gluten intolerance will make you feel not very good, but coeliac disease can cause stomach cancers so it is worth knowing. An accidental bit of gluten for someone with an intolerance will be uncomfortable, a coeliac would need to avoid even cutting bread with the same knife for example.

whojamaflip Sat 31-Dec-16 18:56:11

Thanks for the replies - I'm thinking it's an intolerance rather than coeliacs as I don't have an immediate reaction if I accidentally eat something containing gluten - I do know about it within about 24 hours though so I can't get away with even a little bit 😕

I have an appointment at the start of Jan to discuss with the doctor so will stay off the gluten until then and then face the 6 weeks of hell 😕

I just not looking forward to eating it again cos I've been feeling so well for the last couple of years and have got rid of symptoms I thought I was stuck with for life namely the aching joints and psoriasis. Still I suppose it's only a couple of months at most right?

Monkeyinshoes Sun 01-Jan-17 02:33:36

Like the link whyohwhy posted says, if coeliac is suspected and the test comes back negative, request that they also test for IgA deficiency and do a biopsy before you cut out gluten again. I've forgotten the numbers but IgA deficiency is common in coeliacs and means the standard blood test will give a false negative.

Despite getting a mouth full of ulcers, swollen gums and bleeding from my bum when I eat gluten, I didn't have any further testing. I know gluten causes my problems as I cut it out for five months before testing and all my symptoms got better. I reintroduced it, wondering if it was just coincidence, and all my symptoms came back.

I did the six weeks of hell, then the blood test and it was negative. The doctor simply said I could be intolerant but not coeliac, cut it out again and if my symptoms get better I'll have my answer. So I did, that was over a year ago and I've been fine since avoiding it completely.

However I've since found out I wasn't tested for IgA deficiency, a biopsy certainly wasn't suggested either so feel coeliac hasn't been completely ruled out. I don't really want to do another six weeks of pain so I'm stuck in limbo land of not knowing for certain if I am or not.

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