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Tomato allergy

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strongteabag Tue 20-Feb-07 13:50:35

Ds1 is 4 and has always been prone to eczma. A couple of wks ago he ate a strawberry and came out in hives and said he had tummy ache. His skin cleared up but today he had some tomato sauce and has immediately developed red patches around his mouth. Do i take him to gp or do i just avoid the foods that trigger the reaction? Is it worth telling school or talkghng to hv? Sorry for breif message, am posting from my phone!

derlor Tue 20-Feb-07 14:56:08

what you should do is keep a diary of all the food he is eating this way you will see a pattern developing. strawberry and tomato may well be red herrings as there may be an underlying allergy to another food he ate on both days? you can get allergy testing done free at some nhs areas but will cost you in others - postcode lottery i'm afraid but the first thing you will be asked for is a food diary so be one step ahead and you are more likely to be taken seriously. (ps - i'm a health visitor and previously worked in area of asthma and allergies so hope this helps.)

chloesmumtoo Tue 20-Feb-07 16:30:31

My daughter has a tomato allergy. She is allergic to loads of things and so I currently have a food diary of everything she eats. I didnt realize about tomato at first because she reacted to other things more. It was her school who noticed her mouth go red after she had eaten some at break. We had skin prick tests done which confirmed it. Because of the wide range of foods she cannot have her allergist said to only eat them in moderation but I am trying to avoid them now.I would pop along to your gp and ask to be refered to test those 2 foods you know of, take a strawberry and tomato with you as they can use the juice incase they havnt any bottled test solution. we went along with 9 fruits and veg last time and he tested all of them-only two were actually ok!
Our daughter has suffered badly with eczema too-I think its helping knowing what to avoid but shes comming out in hives almost daily at moment. our daughter is 5. She gets lots of tummy aches too. I would avoid these things if you think its definatly them for now and dont let the school give him those things. That way if you do choose to try them again you can study his reactions to them yourself.

strongteabag Tue 20-Feb-07 20:04:53

On the computer now so I can be a bit more coherent! Thanks for the replies. The red patches from lunch time have disappeared now and his skin looks pretty clear. Normally he has pimply eczma (always on his face) that flares up but it's only lately that he has started getting the red patches around his mouth. At first I thought they were huge coldsores. I suggested taking him to the doctors to DH and he told me the doc would think I was stupid and just to put cream on. I am tempted to be nasty and make him eat a tomato or strawberry in front of DH so he can see what happens. Come to think of it derlor, DS was having scrambled egg with ketchup, I thought it was the egg he was reacting to until I remembered the ketchup so I don't really know. AM just worries because the reactions are becoming more noticable/frequent and being a neurotic Mother I worry they will get worse and he will stp breathing or something

vizbizz Tue 20-Feb-07 21:22:23

This is so difficult for mums. A good friend has a daughter who was allergic to SO much: onions, strawberries, all dairy, tomatoes, apples etc etc etc. She is now 5, and her allergies are getting a lot better. She can have onions, apples and small amounts of tomato. She seems to be outgrowing them with time.

Keep your ds away from the things that trigger, and reintroduce considerably later. It sounds like a lot of kids out grow the early childhood allergies. Just keep them away from the triggers so they don't get worse. If it's a lot of things it makes cooking hard, but it's worth waiting it out in the long run.

chloesmumtoo Wed 21-Feb-07 12:28:13

oh thats so nice to hear VIZBIZZ. My daughter is allergic to loads and more than I know of! Nice to have positive hope of her out growing some in the future.

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