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Dh has racing heart and cough

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KittyCatty20 Wed 14-Dec-16 14:30:00

Just wondering whether any experienced similar. Dh suddenly got v bad hay fever about four years ago after rubbing his eye when he cut the grass. This also caused seasonal asthma. He had it so badly that his chest whistled when he breathed in. He has been on good reignite of Avamys, antihistamine pills and steroid/relief inhaler ever since from April until season is over.

Over the last few months he has said he has been aware of his heart thumping and more recently he feels as though he is a bit short of breath and needs to cough wherever he reaches a certain point when breathing out. It seems as though it started when he came off all the hay fever meds and inhalers.

He is fine when he is busy and running about - it bothers him when he is at rest. He has doctors appointment tomorrow for ecg and blood test but I'm just wondering whether anyone has experienced this? Or whether there is a reason for another allergy in Winter ?

Bit worried about him.

Thank you x

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KittyCatty20 Wed 14-Dec-16 14:30:58

regime not reignite!

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