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Possible egg allergy. What do I need to do?

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Sierra259 Tue 08-Nov-16 16:44:14

I think DC1 (11 months) might have an egg allergy. Has been having scrambled egg x1-2 weekly for a couple of months with no problems. Last week had it for lunch and was fine until about 2-3 hours later when it was all vomited back up again out of the blue. DC was otherwise well before and after, no rash or other symptoms.

Today was the first day we've tried egg again since and the exact same thing happened. Projectile vomiting x2 but not unwell and no other symptoms. I am thinking allergy as I know it's fairly common with eggs, but am not sure what I need to do now (aside from avoiding, obviously!). Do I need to take DC1 to the GP? Keep some piriton handy just in case? I just have no idea!

PanannyPanoo Thu 10-Nov-16 04:14:29

I would avoid egg and make an appoinment with the GP to be referred for skin prick tests. That will give you a definite answer as to if it was the egg or a coincidence.

As egg was fine previously it is possible that subsequent reactions could become more severe. Are you still using baked eggs goods? If there is no reaction to that then I would continue to use them but just be aware when they are eating egg and how much in a day.

As a precaution I would take antihistimine everywhere you go - ask the chemist for a small bottle that you can decant some in to stick in your handbag.

If you do decide to give egg again, (or if your GP is less than helpful about a referal,) a dap of egg on an ankle may give you an indication as to whether there is an allergy - obviously not an exact science, but if there are hives or swelling at least you know that is the definite cause.

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