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Anyones little ones got a Medicalert ?

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chlochlo Sat 10-Feb-07 20:42:04

Are they any use and do your little ones actually wear it?

SparklyGothKat Sat 10-Feb-07 20:47:05

My dd1 has a Latex allergy and she has wore one for about a year now. She has the purple flower wrist one.
If you are an benifits, you can get one and the subscribion (sp) for a small donation.

chlochlo Sat 10-Feb-07 20:54:22

How old is she and what kind of benifit i get DLA for my ds does that count.

Hillary Sat 10-Feb-07 21:00:47

My dd's & I are anaphylactic, we all have a Medical Response necklet cost £12 - its great! for £12 you get a years subscription to a central system so if your dd or whoever's registered needs assistance then There's a member number & international telephone number on the necklet if you have an accident or something then someone calls the number and recites your member number and they have all your medical records at hand immediatley including step by step telephone assistance. Once a call has been made to the number your next of kin will be notified immediatley as to your condition and location.

You also get a disc for your car with info on, a keyring, a necklet, instant medical records, its international, you get £50 finders reward for lost keys and mobile phone!

Cant fault it

SparklyGothKat Sat 10-Feb-07 21:03:17

I can't remember what benifits you have to be recieving. Its £20 for a years membership, plus the cost of the medicalert bracelet. Dd1 took a while to get used to the bracelet, but now she wears it 24/7.
The range for little ones are here

lockets Sat 10-Feb-07 21:06:18

Message withdrawn

chlochlo Sat 10-Feb-07 21:12:55

He's only just 2 but goes to a day nursery he has various allergies that are all anaphylatic. Didn't know of he was too young.

hunkeydorey Sat 10-Feb-07 21:33:05

My kids should have these but I can't afford to buy 4, it's just too expensive. Maybe I will find out if I can get them at a reduced rate.

brimfull Sat 10-Feb-07 23:29:49

my ds has had one since he was 3 yrs.He wears it all the time.It is a great way to get them talking about their allergy .Loads of people and children ask ds about it and he has learnt to explain his allergy to them.

brimfull Sat 10-Feb-07 23:31:05

actually we've just had our 2nd yr renewal letter through so he's been wearing it since 2.5yrs.

Heartmum2Jamie Sun 11-Feb-07 20:45:05

Chlochlo, definately get one. My ds2 has been wearing a medic alert braclet (one of the traditional ones) since just before he turned 2. We opted for one because we were going on holiday and heaven forbid we were in an accident and for one reason or another not able to speak for him, the medica would be aweare of his needs. His mentions his heart, his BP and his allergies. Ds is almost never away from and as I home educate, won't have to worry about nursery or school, but it is for peace of mind in case we get seperates while out and about or something. He is an absolutel darling and apart from some minor tugging when he 1st had it, has never bothered with it since. infact, he plays with it when tired

chlochlo Sun 11-Feb-07 21:13:27

would i put his asthma on the information too or just his allergies.

Heartmum2Jamie Sun 11-Feb-07 21:22:07

Put asthma on too if you have the room. I was told it would only fit 6 words on, being the smallest bracelet, but his actually says "congenital heart defects, hypertension, multiple food allergies" and it all fits on perfectly. You then get a wallet sized card that goes into more detail, so ds2's explains which foods he is allergic to as well as his gp, hospital, paed etc. The computer system then has all the info, specifics as well as all medications he takes, doses etc as well as contact details in case of emergency.

chlochlo Sun 11-Feb-07 21:37:45

can't see a traditional one just the sports one who fills out the forms me or consultant.

SparklyGothKat Sun 11-Feb-07 21:43:00

i fill in dd1's myself.

Heartmum2Jamie Sun 11-Feb-07 21:50:38

Ds's is the first bracelet on this page.

I filled out the form myself, but got the form through a heart charity that I am a member of, so the braclet and the years subscription were paid for. I will have to pay for this years subscription, but it is well worth it I think.

Can someone tell me when they send the renewal forms out?

Julia76 Tue 27-Feb-07 12:14:07

Hi can anyone please tell me where you can get these from. My son has a severe peanut allergy, is allergic to the hot, cold, pressure, various creams etc & went into Anaphylactic shock in 2005 after coming in to contact with peanut dust. So this would be a great way of letting people know of his allergy/ies especially if im not with him. Also will schools let children wear them or does that depend on the school ruling on jewellery etc? Would appreciate any comments & feedback. Thank you.

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