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Dairy free packed lunch ideas for reception

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Virtualcareerchanger Sun 23-Oct-16 16:08:21

My oldest DD has started reception, mornings only until October half term but after the holiday they will be full time. The school dinners looked pretty poor so I will be providing a packed lunch. My dd has CMPI and I am struggling to think of enough variety for packed lunch to keep things interesting. So far I have thought of ham sandwiches, jam sandwiches, veg sticks, crisps, fruit, dried fruit, jelly. Does anyone else have any more suggestions?

CurtainsforRonnie Sun 23-Oct-16 16:13:03

Mini breadsticks & homous.
Egg & cress sandwiches.

Tesco free from range is great for dairy free hard cheese, soft cheese, yoghurts, and DD loves the Alpro soya milkshakes. £1.30 for 3. Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry.

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