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when to introduce tree nuts to an egg and milk allergic child?

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vnmum Fri 09-Feb-07 14:25:58

ds is 14 months old and is allergic to cows milk and egg. we are therefore using vegan recipes for most of the cooking but alot of these used nuts. i know nuts are good for certain nutrients but i dont know when and how i should try DS with them. i know you should avoid peanuts till 3 but i dont know about other nuts and the doctors here are useless.

has anyone any experience of this or could offer any advice?

Heartmum2Jamie Fri 09-Feb-07 15:28:16

I would personally avoid all nuts until at least 3 in any child or in the case of an allergic child, 5.

Mumfie68 Sun 25-Feb-07 15:37:07

My son has anaphylactic reactions to milk and eggs, and my paediatrician says I should keep him away from nuts until at least 8 years old, and have RAST tests first.

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