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Do restaurants have to provide lists of ingredients for the food they serve?

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wonderwoo Thu 20-Oct-16 20:59:51

I know that restaurants have to provide information about which of the 14 (I think this is the correct number?) most common allergens are present in their food. However, my son has allergies beyond that list and so this is not much help to us.

When I went into a restaurant recently we asked for the ingredients list for the sausages, but they were unable to provide it. So my question is, do restaurants have to make this information available? I have tried googling it, but I keep getting articles about the new legislation regarding the most common allergens which doesn't answer my question.

As an aside, the manager of this restaurant showed an astounding level of ignorance about allergies, and was insistent that there was no risk in my son eating one of the sausages, because it did not contain anything from the list of common allergens. He could not understand that people can be allergic to foods other than the ones on that list! It was very frustrating.

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