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Hepa filter purifier for allergies

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Littlebee76 Fri 30-Sep-16 06:18:38

Can anyone recommend a good hepa filter air purifier for allergies please?

Budget isn't an issue as I'm desperate to get my allergies under control, especially now I've got myself a rescue dog and I'm allergic to her fur too as well as dust, pollen etc.

Roomba Fri 30-Sep-16 06:59:57

We have a Heavenfresh Naturopure one, not sure of the exact model as I'm not at home right now. It's a pretty big, freestanding one with various different levels of filtration in plus ioniser as well I think. It cost £175 but that was about five years ago.

I haven't tried any other models for comparison, but the one we have is very very effective and brilliant for my DS's various allergies. Plus it keeps the house smelling good (removes cooking/perfume/paint odours etc quickly). It is fairly simple to clean the filters out every so often too.

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