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Rejecting amino acid formula

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MidnightStars Thu 29-Sep-16 02:06:40

Our LB is now 14 weeks. He's been on nutramigen almost 2 months but his milk allergy symptoms began to return. We were prescribed SMA alfamino and advised to slowly wean baby onto it.
We were giving half nutramigen/half alfamino and slowly reduced nutramigen. However my LO is now refusing bottles and wiggles and squirms to get away from the bottle. He also spits the milk out. How can I get him to take it?? Any suggestions please?
We also use carobel to thicken the formula as he has reflux. This does g seem to be helping. Anyone got any suggestions??

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MidnightStars Thu 29-Sep-16 07:11:50

*carobel doesn't seem to be helping

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BBB81 Thu 29-Sep-16 21:23:13

My DD is on neocate, luckily she accepted it fine although was warned that most babies don't. You may not want to
do this as your baby is so young but I have seen suggestions of putting vanilla essence or a little bit of milk shake powder into the milk and then gradually reducing it until they are drinking the milk plain.

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