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Choosing a school for a child with nut allergy

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speak2me Fri 16-Sep-16 17:49:47

DS1 starts school next year and we are starting the process of looking round those schools locally to us.
I am wondering if anyone has advice or ideas of questions to ask specifically whilst viewing schools for a child who has a nut allergy (required to carry an epic pen)?
Many thanks.

heavenlypink Fri 16-Sep-16 18:00:46

Shouldn't really be a problem at all to any 'decent' school. My school easily deals with asthma, epilepsy and diabetes as well as children with nut and other food allergies.

chloesmumtoo Wed 28-Sep-16 12:28:44

I think just generally chat about things so you can assess their understanding. I think schools have probably come on along way now -our dd is a teenager and back then it seemed less commom and was very daunting for all. Ensure they know and understand everything involved eg not giving your child foods (if that's what you decide), if staff did treat children with sweets supplying a safe snack box to be kept in school for your ds so he is not left out. Also that they are aware -no crafting with nutty cereal boxes/nutty sweet wrappers, no using peanut nuttella jars ect for your ds. We used to supply dd's safe craft boxes ect. What the best eating arrangements are for all and proceedures for lunch, snack time. Not allowing a child to accidently share water bottles/food and the importance why..... Where the epipens are stored in school and list of staff trained? Also push your knowledge over to them about what can contain nut oils eg has been known face paints, play doughs, even toiletries and makeups. See if they already know things you don't. Avoidance of handling animal foodstuffs on trips at farms ect. Always new things to learn- we found out at a riding stable that a lad had nut reaction to the saddle due to nut oils in the saddle soap. Also people can think contact by touch is less likely for reaction but on moving dd to secondary the deputy head was fully aware and up on dd not litter picking as a girl had had reaction via touch previously. We were quite strict on things and have sumwhat relaxed as dd has got older but very happy on how our devoted primary school helped us. Ask about proceedures ensuring epipens are always taken on trips. So many topics and take some notes with you to remember everything. Does the school have a bird table with peanuts - our playschool did. Do they allow nuts at school or is it nut free? Our dd's primary school did ask for no nut products to be bought to her school at the time she started but people don't encourage nut bans and brings up many mixed opinions. Dd's secondary is not nut free and she has been fine, no problems over the years. Goodluck

palanca Fri 30-Sep-16 19:39:30

Have a read of guidance on anaphylaxis campaign website on schools as well so you know what to ask

Stone156 Sat 08-Oct-16 07:00:24

I can understand your concern and I am glad to say that Schools have come along way in terms of dealing with children with different medical conditions including allergies.

Talk to the school and make sure they understand your child's condition and the severity . They should carry out regular risk assessments .

Ask the school about their approach to cross contamination and the importance of other children not sharing their food. With that in mind no one wants to feel left out at school and so when it comes to treat time, ask if they would allow you to store in a clearly labelled box some nut free treats for your child.

In terms of school meals, most schools have allergen free food but it is always good to check because of the ingredients they may use.

Ensure that the school has an allergy action plan at school. As well as discuss your child's individual plan too.

Your child's medication-including adrenaline auto injector, should be kept up to date in a clearly named box and that is easily available .

I hope this helps but for further advice please visit Allergy Uk website or Anaphylaxis Campaign.

somekindofmother Sat 08-Oct-16 07:24:10

y sons school has at least 2 kids with nut allergies. the school is a nut free zone. there's a letter about it at the start of the year. the school meals are all nut free and prepared in a nut free kitchen. the office holds an epi pen and the parents are asked to supply another for the child's classroom.
i'm on the pta and we cannot supply any food at school event where parents are not present that contains nuts, and when we decide on a snack or whatever a message goes out on the school app asking parents of children with allergies to contact the pta if the snack is unsuitable.
it's taken very seriously
i expect most schools are the same. ask them about their allergies policy.

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