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Milk allergy

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Gracey893 Sun 11-Sep-16 20:26:30

Hi smile my little girl is 5months this week. She was more less breastfed until 4 months but I did give her Aptamil formula if we were out and about. I was very lucky and she took everything no problem. Then last month my partner broke his ankle really badly and I had to make the decision to stop breastfeeding.

Startied on Aptamil 1 and she was taking it fine. Last week her little face swole slightly and the more I thought about it her nappies have been awful and she was being quite bokey since switching. she has been in great form so so wasn't overly worried and has been gaining weight. Took her to the doctor and they told me to try the hypoallergenic formula which she has been on now for a week.

Her nappies are still really green and she is still a little bokey so I am unsure it's an allergy.

My question is, do you think it will be ok to try her on formula again? I might try Aptamil anti relfux and see if that helps? As I said she is in great form but I don't want to mess her system up.

Any advise would be great!

sananbaz Sun 11-Sep-16 20:31:58

Which type of hypoallergenic formula has she been put on? Usually they need 4-6 weeks to see a definite improvement, and normal formula shouldn't be reintroduced until after that. Then if they get worse again, you know for sure.

Gracey893 Sun 11-Sep-16 21:15:27

She is on nutramigen lipil number 1. The problem I now face is its coming up to weaning stage and baby porridge etc. So thought if I tried her on normal formula again then I would know if it's an allergy or not. The doctor said I would be able to reintroduce it again and see how we go at some stage, just thought I would try soon and then I would know where I stand for weaning

sananbaz Sun 11-Sep-16 22:46:52

You don't need to abandon the nutramigen for weaning - it can still be used to make up milk based cereals/baby rice etc. If you go on the nutramigen website (or neonate website) there are loads of weaning recipes using the hypoallergenic milks and dairy free recipes. If your dd is only just 5mths, you could do 4 weeks on the nutramigen before thinking of weaning, as you will see a big improvement in symptoms in that time if she is allergic.
I'd also point out that soya protein is very similar to milk protein and the body can rapidly become allergic to that too, so be mindful of swapping to soya products. Also, when my children had nutramigen, it was made from broken down milk proteins (recipe may have changed since), and apparently most DC can tolerate it. Both of mine couldn't though and needed neonate as it has no milk protein in at all (but is very expensive so Dr won't give out easily!).
Finally, I would ask your Dr to refer you to a paediatric dietician for support and advice for following a restricted diet.
I would also be concerned about the puffy face, which I never had with my two, even though they are very sensitive to milk. I know a little girl who started with similar symptoms, the Dr's said to keep trying her with small amounts of milk to try and increase her tolerance, and she became anaphylactic. That's obviously rare and an extreme example, but I think one week isn't a long enough trial to see any improvement.
I hope your DH is healing well and that your DD starts to improve with her symptoms flowers

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