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Hay fever!

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freshstart22 Tue 06-Sep-16 13:08:49

My era are itching like mad, I'm sneezing like crazy and walking over the woods today sent me off the scale. I'm better in doors, my eyes don't itch but I'm still sneezing and sniffing argh! Anyone else?? Could this be some kind of hay fever type allergy???

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freshstart22 Tue 06-Sep-16 13:09:14


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lisaneedsarest Tue 06-Sep-16 13:13:05

My two boys have Hayfever, and their symptoms are worse now than earlier in the summer! Sneezing and sniffing all over the place!

freshstart22 Tue 06-Sep-16 13:20:38

It's driving me nuts! I've had no problem all year but in the last few weeks it has been building up to today where my eyes have exploded along side my nose.

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takingthep Tue 06-Sep-16 13:23:12

yep another one here. Year in year out I get hay fever from April to early June.

It's still here this year and FGS it's September.....confusedshock

Curviest Tue 06-Sep-16 22:15:33

This started when I came up to my bedroom - window was open all day. Coughing, wheezing, runny nose.

Looked it up and it's WEED POLLEN and is very high today, according to the Met Office, and it's due to continue all week at high.

Weed pollen is about for all of September.

Curviest Tue 06-Sep-16 22:21:52

look at this;sess=

Curviest Tue 06-Sep-16 22:39:18

and this

Curviest Tue 06-Sep-16 22:40:28

and this one, specific to this month and the UK

Curviest Tue 06-Sep-16 22:44:42

freshstart22 Wed 07-Sep-16 06:46:13

Ah thank you curviest people were looking at my streaming red eyes suspiciously I had to explain that I wasn't in floods of tears and that it was hayfever only for them to raise their eyebrows even more and say 'at this time of year?!'

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OhtoblazeswithElvira Wed 07-Sep-16 06:52:58

It could also be mould spores
<passes the tissues>

freshstart22 Wed 07-Sep-16 09:32:08

I was walking in the woods when it was at its worse

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