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Don't know what to do next for my 4 month old in pain

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cherrypiemay16 Tue 06-Sep-16 03:46:36

I wonder if anyone can offer any words of wisdom, advice or support. My 4 month old is currently being investigated for cows milk protein allergy (although I'm doing most of the investigating, don't feel I'm getting much support with this) and I just don't know if it's helping or what I can try next.

He's always had a really gripey tummy, been a windy baby (tried all the usual potions) and has reflux. His tummy constantly churns and gurgles (mostly at night). He's been a reasonably unsettled baby from the start thought this has improved as he's got bigger. However his tummy pains and grumbles have just got worse and worse whilst I've been sat right waiting for him to outgrow it. I eventually went to the Gp who recommended cutting out dairy although she didn't give me any advice on upping my calcium and vitamin D intake (I'm breastfeeding, with the occasional bottle of formula). She also told me I'd have a dieticians appt within a couple of weeks (the appt came for 10 weeks later!!!).

So I cut out all dairy for 2 weeks, made no difference then I cut out soya in my diet and the soya lecithin tablets I had been taking for blocked milk ducts. He got instantly better from that day and I thought I'd cracked it- soya allergy +/- dairy allergy. The dietician who I managed to talk to said to reintroduce dairy to see what happened now however a couple of days before I did he had two nights with moderately bad tummy- gurgling and painful. I then started back on dairy and it's got a lot worse.

I can't work out whether this seems to be a cmpi or not, or maybe sensitivities to other things (kept a food diary, difficult to tell, maybe strawberries and baked beans upset him). Does anyone have any experience in this? Is there another list of this that could be upsetting him? I have moments when I'm so annoyed that he's in so much pain and I seem to be freestyling what I'm trying and getting no support! Would try anything to help him and I really want to keep breastfeeding.

Any advice gratefully received
Thanks smile

InTheDessert Tue 06-Sep-16 06:05:25

What formula are you using? If that's not CMP free, it needs to be, unless you can avoid all top ups until a diagnosis.

How carefully are you monitoring dairy?? Reading every packet, and being exceedingly careful when out??? Could the bad days coincide with accidental dairy consumption?

You can buy vit D tablets, and most multivitamins have a decent amount of calcium - but that's said, there are vast parts of the world where dairy isn't eaten, so don't worry too much about calcium.

How is his weight gain?

I'd cut the dairy again, and see what happens. But then cutting dairy for me basically meant cutting cheese, and switching to margarine in place of butter, and checking packets for hidden stuff. I don't consume much dairy!!! Many people on here will say it is silly to cut whole food groups out without a dietician supporting you. I guess it depends on your diet how big a change it would be.

Blocked milk ducts.... Clutching at straws here, but could he have a slight tounge tie, meaning he is taking in air, causing the rumbly tummy, and your duct problem??

Pinkboots Tue 06-Sep-16 08:43:08

I was going to suggest the same as inthedessert, could he have tongue tie?

What are his nappies like? Could he be taking in too much foremilk?

How much sleep does he get in 24 hours, could he be overtired (that would explain him being unsettled althoug I guess not the stomach gurgling!)

Tongue tie sounds like the most likely to me. It could be an allergy but they are quite rare in breastfed babies so it's worth ruling other things out first, before you're reduced to eating almost nothing! With CMPI I think you'd usually expect blood in the nappies, green poo, poor weight gain as well as the unsettled behaviour.

Also yes, formula has more milk protein in it than breastmilk so you need to make sure you're giving a CMP free formula when you give him an occasional bottle or you'll undo all your good work with the diet!

Fingers crossed you get it sorted.

cherrypiemay16 Tue 06-Sep-16 10:05:44

Thanks for your replies, I hadn't thought about a tongue tie, he's always been a great feeder but definitely worth getting checked out.
His weight gain is steady on the 9th centile and yes, we use neocate when he has formula. It's possible I could have eaten some dairy or soya without knowing but I've tried to be super careful.
Another question I had was whether or not I should have been referred to a paediatrician, I know many babies with allergies are.
I've cut out the dairy again as of today so I'll see how he goes. Just would have thought id have had more input from dietician or GP as like you said it's a major thing to cut out an entire food group.

Thanks for your advice smile

cherrypiemay16 Tue 06-Sep-16 10:07:21

Also, poo pretty normal I think though very very runny (I get through a lot of vanish!). Bit mucousy last couple of weeks but he's been teething I think.

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