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Help! Allergens in breastfed baby

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Manzanita Sun 04-Sep-16 21:40:35

Apols in advance for long post...
My DS is 5 months old and has been diagnosed by a dietician with delayed cow's milk protein allergy. I've been told to stay dairy & soy free for a few months before introducing them both little by little under the supervision of a dietician more local to home. While I'm waiting for the referral (which is taking ages!) I wonder if any Mumsnetters can help please.
DS has had tongue tie (which we had corrected) rotavirus & thrush (both of which he is now free of)
Since cutting out dairy and soy he no longer gets flare ups of eczema on his face and chest but he still has very, very loose, horribly smelly slimy poop, terrible wind and cramps (he wakes up on average 6-10 times per night), lots of possetting / reflux. Originally we were told it could be the aftermath of the rotavirus but that was 3 months ago now so I'm wondering if any other allergen could be the culprit?
I tend to eat wheat, nuts on a daily basis, fish every other day and eggs and corn in some form a few times week too. I'm vegetarian (pescatarian to be pedantic!) and want to check before I start eliminating more things from my diet to check I'm doing it right and so I'm not on a pointless difficult diet. The dietician we saw said that cutting out wheat in breastfed babies can mean that the baby is more likely to become coeliac and that we should test any allergen a few times to be 100% sure that it is indeed a problem and that DS isn't just having a tough day.
Should I go on a TED and if so, how long for and when can I start reintroducing foods again? Or should I eliminate one by one... but then what if it's a combination of allergens? How long do wheat, nuts, eggs and any other possible allergens stay in your breastmilk milk (and DS' system for)? I'm wondering if he even has a CMPA at all and if it was another allergen which he is just getting used to so he no longer gets the eczema rashes...?
He's gaining weight well so the dietician said just to carry on as I am but I'm averaging about 3 hours broken sleep / night and he's in such distress...
Any advice greatly appreciated.

cherrypiemay16 Thu 15-Sep-16 21:08:14

Your poor boy, I have a similar story with my 4 month old. Watching them in pain and being helpless is just awful. I have just seen the dietician and consultant who have said it can take up to 6 weeks before the protein is out of your system so you really do need to give it time before you cut other stuff. Not only is it not good to eliminate too much from your diet, you won't know what's made the difference. I'm a couple of weeks in and he's a bit better but still getting episodes of pain and mucousy poo. Fingers crossed all works for both of us! Good luck smile

anotherdayanothersquabble Sun 18-Sep-16 19:27:55

I would suggest baby probiotics as his gut has been through a lot. If he has thrush from birth it is likely his gut bacteria was compromised from the start. Rota virus will also have put it out of balance. Lots of reading to be done around this. The tongue tie, food sensitivities, eczema and gut issues all point to a complex presentation which may linked to MTHFR gene mutations and worth looking in to. I am no expert but on a long learning journey. GAPS diet might be worth looking into. Read lots and see if any of it resonates with you before taking the next steps. For me, elimination diet got my baby comfortable and after that we started to investigate further. DS has compromised gut bacteria and needed antibiotics to clear, lots of supplimenting to rebuild his gut and lots of elimination. It may mean he will never eat wheat but he grew, eczema healed, normal bowel function resumed and his allergies decreased.

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