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Help! Large amounts of dairy ingested

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DrDiva Sat 27-Aug-16 11:19:04

DS has non-IGE mediated dairy allergy. It is reasonably severe, although seems to be improving slightly.

We are doing the desensitisation thing - a crumb of digestive biscuit on his toast every morning. However, we are away in a resort, and despite registering him as lacto-allergic in the kids' club, they fed him milk chocolate. Also, the restaurant has allergy symbols on the food. Great, we thought, and fed him (he is a good eater) all the stuff without the milk sign. A week later we discovered the signs had been wrong, and there was indeed milk in stuff. The signs changed overnight.

Poor DS is really suffering. He is just 4 and for the first time since potty training is faecally incontinent which is really upsetting him, has abdominal cramping, and a descent into the aggression caused by being so uncomfortable.

My question is this, for anyone who has done the desensitisation: given this setback, should we continue the programme or take all dairy out of his diet again? I can't get hold of his dietitian to ask. Many thanks!

DrDiva Sat 27-Aug-16 18:52:30

Hello, does anyone have experience of this? smile

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