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Legumes, nuts, and eggs allergies....need ideas?

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pickletray Tue 23-Aug-16 15:12:43

In the last few months we have learnt my 16m old son is allergic to eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, peas, beans, chickpeas- basically all legume family. We haven't tried soya but I'm assuming it's a no go.

Anyone else with these allergies?

I'm struggling with interesting, quick cheap, simple meals. And how to make meat go further without adding beans. We used to eat a lot of beans and lentils chickpeas etc, I used to try to have a few meat free days a week but I can't see how this will be possible anymore.

So bored of variations on pasta with various veg mixed in...

Can't get over not being able to even give him baked beans anymore!

Runningtokeepstill Tue 23-Aug-16 23:54:08

Quorn? Related to mushrooms, I believe.

Ds1 has been allergic to all nuts and tree nuts since he was 20 months old. He's now 22 years old and recently developed chick pea allergy. It's a real pain as it doesn't appear in the "allergens in bold" part of ingredients list which means we're back to trawling through the ingredients item by item He's very much a meat eater so the meat free days don't work for him but veggie ds2 enjoys Quorn.

user1467273391 Wed 24-Aug-16 11:16:47

You can make a meet alternative called seitan. I sometimes make this myself. The protein used is gluten. You can buy the ingredients online and is very easy to make once you have the ingredients. The recipes usually have soy sauce in them for flavouring but I'm sure you can substitute the soy sauce for something else if soya is a no go.

If you need more info on how to make this or where to buy the ingredients then let me know.

lordsteatime Thu 25-Aug-16 22:03:20

Quorn has egg white in so avoid.

we have similar allergies and everything is usually meat and 2 veg. my son loves shepherds pie.

rissioto is a cheap healthy meal also in one pot (hate washing up)

I make a type of minestrone soup with left over veg and broken spaghetti and stock which I serve with warm crusty bread.

babybarrister Fri 26-Aug-16 12:31:52

we have these allergies too - or very similar - do not despair!

1. have a look at the pig in the kitchen website - lots of useful recipes for allergies

2. have a look at vegan recipes - possibly something there for you too

3. at the next appointment see if you can get your DC checked for other legumes as each legume is different and it is entirely possible that your DC is not allergic to a particular bean as every single foodstuff has a slightly different protein which is what causes the allergic reaction. For example as well as a variety of other allergies, my DS is allergic to peas and lentils but not to peanuts or chick peas or any other beans as far as I know. I would also not assume that your DC is allergic to soya but of course go and have this checked out too.
3. have a look on the Anaphylaxis Campaign website as they have a lot of information about nurseries etc etc as well as support groups

Good luck!

Waitingformiracles Tue 30-Aug-16 18:55:54

I tend to pad things out with lots of veg and potatoey stuff on the side.

I would second what the poster above said about not assuming he is allergic to the ones he's never had a reaction to in the past or having him tested for the ones you arent sure about, particulaly soya as its in soooo much stuff. I have the exact same allegies (except eggs) but i am not allergic to soya and my sister who also has the same allergies is not allergic to soya or specific types of beans. E.g haricot beans are fine for her.

Noseypoke Tue 30-Aug-16 23:40:05

I grate loads of veg to pad out meals instead. So in bolognese I'd grate in courgette, mushroom and carrot. Same in chilli and stews.

I make a great chicken pie with sweetcorn, broccoli and carrots in.

rogueelement Tue 30-Aug-16 23:55:21

DD is allergic to nuts/egg but not beans/chickpeas. She's not keen on them but that's another conversation. Some great advice above. I wouldn't assume anything - ideally get tested so that you can try things.

We eat loads of mince (meatballs, pasta sauce), chicken, stew, pasta sauces. DD loves veg and salad so that's quite helpful. The biggest pain is having to make lots of stuff from scratch. I make a mean shepherd's pie & chicken pie. In term time I make a lot of flapjack (lots of muesli bars are unsuitable). Avoid Quorn (egg) and therefore vegetarian meat substitutes which have it in.

Google a blog called Lucy's Friendly Foods, she's a (vegetarian) British chef who has loads of excellent child-friendly recipes and I think her kids might have the same allergies.

TwoLittleBlooms Wed 31-Aug-16 00:05:40

Not really got much advice - dd2 outgrew her allergies/intolerances luckily (egg, fish, cmpa, raisins and soya) - if you like baking chai seeds are a good egg replacer - a small teaspoon mixed with a little water and left for a few minutes to thicken equates to about 1 egg.

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