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Is this an allergy rash?

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ThanksForAllTheFish Sun 21-Aug-16 10:30:09

I posted in the children's health section but was advise I might get a better response here.

The rash is on her back/ neck. No temperature or other issues. I've been treating it with diprobase cream and piriton for the itch. It started 2 nights ago and is fading a bit now.

I also cancelled her swimming lesson yesterday as I didn't think chlorine would be the best idea.

The only think I can think could have caused it would be the jelly we bought (hartleys glitter jelly) as all other food she's had loads of times with no problems. We haven't changed washing powder but she did briefly try in a t shirt I bought from the charity shop to see if it fit. I suppose she could have been allergic to whatever that was washed in but she only had it on for less than a minute so not sure If that would have been long enough to case a rash.

She did have an allergy type rash a few times previously on her chest. One of time it was caused by sudocrem and I couldn't figure out what caused the other reactions. I did suspect Ariel liqui tabs one of the times so stopped using them on her clothes. I also tend to use the allergy rinse cycle on my washing machine all the time as I sometimes get a reaction if clothes haven't been rinsed enough.

ThanksForAllTheFish Thu 25-Aug-16 11:29:31

No one?

fluffikins Thu 25-Aug-16 20:41:03

Sorry not sure, can you put antihistamine cream on?

Cantwait4summer Sat 27-Aug-16 13:09:27

Try changing detergent to Surcare - my DD has ezcema and it's supposed to be good for those with skin allergies

fluffikins Sat 27-Aug-16 14:53:39

Could it be prickly heat? It looks very similar?

rebeccalavelle12 Sun 28-Aug-16 16:31:46

My son gets this a fair bit this time of year. Prickly heat. We treat with antihistamine. Suncream really irritates so once its appeared we tend to be shade dwellers till it fades. Usually takes 4-5 days

chocomochi Tue 30-Aug-16 23:33:49

Looks like prickly heat to me too (I get this in the summer and so does DD2). When I went to Malaysia, the locals advised to put talc on before going out to help soak up the sweat. It did help a little, but still uncomfortable.

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