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Dairy, egg, soya, wheat free weaning

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BBB81 Fri 05-Aug-16 19:58:56

My DD who is nearly 6 months has had ongoing blood in her stools, we have been advised to feed her neocate only while the damage is repaired (I was previously breastfeeding but dairy free, unfortunately this didn't help), we are having weekly contact with the dietician who will then advise when we can introduce neocate spoon, if that is tolerated we will begin to introduce fruit & veg purées mixed into the neocate spoon on her advice. We did try a few purées a couple of weeks ago but they passed through completely undigested.
It seems like this is going to be a slow process and very different to weaning my son, which was a lot of fun and he has always been a very adventurous eater.
Anyway, sorry for the long background, I was wondering if anyone else has weaned on such a restricted diet, what snacks you gave, how you stopped your baby grabbing/being given food such as bread, biscuits etc when around other people (especially children as she has an older brother) and did you eventually manage to successfully introduce these foods?

peripateticparents Sat 06-Aug-16 11:42:57

BBB, DS2 had multiple allergies and reacted badly to the foods i consumed going through my breastmilk. I was dairy/soy/egg/nut free breastfeeding originally. We started weaning using simple foods (you don't need to use a puree unless you are weaning at around 4months old; most of our 'weaning' rules are hangovers from when we were weaned earlier than we do now).

I basically used a 'baby led weaning' system, using very simple foods - ie plain roast chicken; pieces of veg, etc. He was a good eater and only refused certain foods. As we went along, it became clear he was also allergic to those foods he was refusing :-( there was only one food which he was additionally allergic to which he didn't refuse (wheat), however we had very little of it in his diet because as a general rule it came preprepared with other things that he couldnt' eat (and he had a healthy diet on what he was eating).

I made a lot of simple oat based snacks; fruit pieces, chicken pieces, etc. You DO have to watch to make sure other people don't give your baby food. There is a lot less you can buy over the counter, preprepared. However, as well as the above, we couldn't eat corn, legumes, gourds, peanutes, tree nuts ... but he's 4 now and he's always been very good at just accepting that other people can have stuff he can't. I've never made any bones about it. We cook things together, we find things he can eat; i try to make a cake for him regularly and freeze it in pieces so if we want something yummy for a birthday party etc, he can always take a piece along.

In the last year, we have managed to reintroduce corn (he'll eat popcorn, but not sweetcorn), wheat (he'll eat wheat, but he doesn't have the desire for it that most people do - he can give or take bread / cakes, etc, though he loves being able to have it if he wants it), and baked eggs. I tried scrambled eggs for the first time yesterday and he took the tiniest amount, said he didn't like it, but was happy that he could try it. Refuses legumes, though if i manage to hide a couple of peas, etc, he doesn't react.

BBB81 Sat 06-Aug-16 12:40:21

Hi, thanks so much for your reply, we do have to start with purées so that we can very gradually mix them with the neocate spoon as her digestive system has been quite damaged, but I agree that it that if she copes with for example some carrot mixed in, then carrot sticks are the way to go and then hopefully after a few weeks we can move away from the neocate spoon and purées.
The cake advice is great, I love cooking but am really not a baker...this might be the time to learn! I am glad to hear your son is starting to be able to eat a few more foods.

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