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CPMI tossed around but I'm not sure

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PixieMiss Tue 02-Aug-16 20:16:37

My DS is 19 weeks old and was born at 7lb 13oz. He lost weight very gradually from birth and didn't regain his birth weight till he was 4 weeks old.

He has hovered around the 9th centile and 0.4th centile ever since. He is currently 12lb 11oz.

He brings up a lot of his milk each day which I think is contributing to his slow weight gain. I was put on anti-reflux milk which initally helped but soon the effects wore off. Similar story with infant gaviscon.

CPMI has been banded around a bit by my HV even though my GP all but ruled it out. He has NO other symptoms apart from slow weight gain and sickness. He is a very happy baby and brilliant sleeper. He is also meeting his development milestones well.

I do have an appointment at the hospital early next month but can anyone shed any light in the meantime?

Thanks smile

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PixieMiss Tue 02-Aug-16 20:17:37

Obviously I mean CMPI!!

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Kn33 Tue 02-Aug-16 20:24:48

If it's intolerance not allergy they can't test for it you'll only get an answer by exclusion/reintroduction, so I would trial dairy free if you're breastfeeding or see GP for special formula, no harm in trying and seeing if there is an improvement x

fraggle84 Wed 03-Aug-16 19:38:48

Slow weight gain and sickness are signs of cmpi.

I'd request a referral to a paedetrician

Dd was 7lb4 at birth then up until 4 weeks was constantly unhappy. Sick every now and then but no more than I'd expect from a baby. She didn't sleep unless held and would often have loud noises in her stomach.

We saw a paedetrician after numourous trips to the doctors due to her dropping centiles.

She was put on a dairy free formula called neocate and recommend to switch to dr brown bottles

The difference was amazing, she slept lying down, had no noisy tummy and was much more settled

fraggle84 Wed 03-Aug-16 19:40:21

I wouldn't be happy to wait until start of September, our paedetrician sees suspects cmpi babies within the week. I'd ring up your doctors secretary and ask for an urgent appointment as they suspect an allergy

fraggle84 Wed 03-Aug-16 19:43:06

I'd also keep a very strict diary with times of feeds and amounts, times of any symptoms and note anything unusual or any questions to ask.

We're always asked for oz of fluids over 12 hours and feeding patterns then how long from feeding to sickness

PixieMiss Thu 04-Aug-16 09:44:44

I spoke to my GP who is trying to bring the hospital appointment forward but she is yet to get back to me. She told me to give her some time as "they are notoriously difficult to get hold of".

She was also reluctant to change his milk as she does not want to "muddy the waters for the paediatrician".

He is a fantastic sleeper and always has been. It is literally just the sickness and slow weight gain.

I will definitely do the diary before we go, thanks fraggle

The GP was also a tad surprised that he isn't weaned yet. He is 20 weeks today (born 17/03) and the HV didn't seem in any rush to get him weaned.

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fraggle84 Thu 04-Aug-16 12:52:35

We had to wean at 17 weeks as they thought thicker foods were more likely to stay in her system so don't be surprised if your asked to do the same

Cantwait4summer Sat 27-Aug-16 13:06:24

Sounds like CMPA DD had the same symptoms- weight loss & being sick with formula then GP diagnosed CMPA and prescribed Amptatil Pepti 1 to try and at same time referred to Paediatrian - they werent helpful but dietitian appt (thanks to HV who pushed it forward) came thru & she was more helpful ..who told us to go back to GP to change formula to Neocate (she has severe ezcema too so change may help with her skin so dietitian says so we shall see !) . Keep pushing at yr HV/GP if you're not happy x

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