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MrsNoah's dairy free suggestions

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mrsnoah Sat 27-Jan-07 10:49:54

Lets try to make this a dip in resource page for all of us with dairy allergy kids.
Please add your foods that you eat.

Rice Dream milk
Alpro small yoghurts
Manchego Sheeps cheese..lovely
Wensleydale sheeps cheese
Alpro long life chocolate/caramel/vanilla pots(great to use as mini custards
Sainsburys do lovely dairy free custard
and lots of lovely food
Chocolate football sweets from holland and barrat
Whizzers- dairy free natural smarties(yum)
My dd can eat green and Blacks dark choc
Free from range at Tesco.
Waitrose Rice crispie bars (need to check the name)

mrsnoah Sat 27-Jan-07 10:51:24

Will go and write down all the things from my cupboards and come back tonight.
I find the sweet yummy things the hardest to get for her so will make big effort to collect all my info on that for you.
Back later

HannahandSeb Sat 27-Jan-07 11:01:39

I do try and make white sauce with cow&gate pepti to boost his calcium intake using a little olive oil, 1 tbs flour and then about 5-6oz milk. Add to things esp fish dishes. Don't let the milk boil or it goes a bit weird.

SNOWBall4girlz Sat 27-Jan-07 11:01:50

I would like to keep an eye on this as my doc has recommended that I go dairy free to help with eczema and asthma.
i asked mydh if I could still have goats cheese and he did not know but it is cows milk and products that you exclude ?

HannahandSeb Sat 27-Jan-07 11:21:04

I was told not to give him any milk protein, sheep, goats etc but that is because he has a true allergy (facial swelling, blisters on lips etc) rather than an intolerance. I went on a dairy free diet for my eczema for a while and it really helped but I still ate goats and sheep products. Don't know if that helps.

aDad Sat 27-Jan-07 11:25:48

some snacky type stuff:

ginger biscuits
bourbon biscuits
most crackers
japanese rice crackers

SNOWBall4girlz Sat 27-Jan-07 11:29:53

yes cheers hannahandseb

riab Sat 27-Jan-07 20:29:56

Any ideas for fruit/muesli type bars without milk in them?

merryberry Sat 27-Jan-07 20:58:58

organix fruit oatbars are good.

and this may be useful to understand diff between hannahand seb and her her dc.

sorry no links bit of rush on here

bettythebuilder Sat 27-Jan-07 21:17:17

pure soya/sunflower dairy free spead is fab for cooking with, either a little bit for frying or to bake with.

BernieBear Sun 28-Jan-07 23:24:37

Calling MyMama - her chocolate cake is amazing - Dairy/Egg/Nut free. Don't know what I would have done without that.

Sugarmagnolia Thu 01-Feb-07 18:40:56

Betty crocker chocolate brownie mix (not the cake mix, only the brownies!)
Bourbon creams
Frusli bars
Fruitini squeezy apple (great when everyone else is having a Frube)
Innocent Fruit smoothies
Disney Fruit smoothies
Ritz crackers
Soy Dream (it's better for cooking with than rice milk)

Also, sugarmag's no. 1 tip for dairy-free foods:

If you happen to live in an area with a kosher deli or kosher section in your supermarket (parts of London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow mainly) you can buy anything marked "parve" or "pareve". This means it contains absolutely no milk products (or meat). Kosher deli's are by far the best place to buy dairy-free biscuits, chocolate & cake. Schmerlings do really nice dairy-free chocolate that comes in tiny little snack size bars.

tatt Thu 01-Feb-07 19:16:59

bought a free from ginger cake in asda today that had no milk, no egg, no wheat. Unfortunately it does have a "made in a factory using nuts" warning.

I'm going to have to try and learn to make egg free cakes - had to make them milk free but could include egg, now that seems to be a problem too. What do other people substitute for egg?

PeachyClair Thu 01-Feb-07 19:19:18

Asda own brand chocolate (dark)m strangely yummy (coz as wella s Ds1 and DS3, I am dairy intol as well)

Sesame snaps

Rice milk in sweet puds, such as home amde rice pudding (apaprently extra gorgeous with almond milk if you can get it)

Truefree range of products (esp. as DS1 is on a gluten free diet as well)

Eat Natural fruit and nut bar

iris66 Thu 01-Feb-07 20:14:35

ENERG egg replacer works well in most things.
Flapjack (150g butter,75g sugar,350g oats 3 tbspns honey, 50g seeds/dried fuit & 2 lge bananas - melt honey/sugar/butter add dry stuff & bake for 25 mins at 180 - yum)

tatt Thu 01-Feb-07 20:47:37

is egg replacer sold in most health food stores or will I have to go on the net for it?

Loulee Fri 02-Feb-07 19:11:41

what a great thread.
my dd's are both dairy and wheat intolerant.

our healthfood store sells 'space bars' and 'grizzly bars' - both dairy free and wheat free - taste nice and are good for you and the kids still think they're treats

think u can get egg replacer in most healthfood stores

gingermonkey Wed 21-Feb-07 18:08:17


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