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CMPA and weaning off omeprazole - any help?

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Caleycherrell Sun 24-Jun-18 18:17:05

Hiya so my daughter is 5 months old tomorrow, at 8 weeks I started to notice things weren't right with the formula milk, with sickness, diarrhoea, really bad eczema on her face. So took her to the doctors and they told me to try her on lactose milk while I wait to be see by a dietician. The lactose milk helped a lot at first cleared up the eczema and the diarrhoea but the sickness stayed and eventually the eczema and the diarrhoea started up again, so I saw the dietician Monday and she said it's looking like she's got a milk protein allergy so was put on aptamil pepti 1 but the diarrhoea has gotten worse now and so has the sickness and seems to be more unsettled than usual is this normal for the change over of milk?

MamaDuckling Sat 27-Aug-16 23:18:18

Weaned DD off it at 6mo, had a short relapse where she was quite sicky (also CMPA), but heaps better now at 8mo.

Mawsymoo Sat 02-Jul-16 14:09:56

DS is 6 months old and has been on omeprazole since 6 weeks for silent reflux. When 15mg stopped working (and he was still quite tiny) we were referred to a paediatrician and he was diagnosed with CMPA. He has been on nutramigen since then and we managed to reduce the omeprazole to 5mg over the months.

We attended the paediatrician on Tuesday for a follow-up appointment and all was well except that he was adamant that we stop the omeprazole altogether. Since then I've seen some symptoms of silent reflux return - screaming and arching back after 2oz of a feed and we struggle to get much more into him. Luckily he's eating solids fine and I mix the formula into them but he's still not getting much. He's already small for age so I'm out of my mind with worry. He's in terrible form and sleep is out the window.

Anyone been through similar? I've read online about the rebound effect so I'll wait it out another few days but the while thing is bringing me back to the terrible early days and I'm sick with worry.

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