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I want to scream.

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Ditsy4 Sun 26-Jun-16 08:55:58

I'm usually a quiet, calm person but I just want to scream sometimes!

Anyone else with me on this?

Going out. Mesad Asking) Is it Dairy Free?
Ans: It's Gluten Free.
Me: I can have wheat is it Dairy Free.
Them: (looking perplexed) Oh I don't know. It has egg in it!
Me: But is it Dairy Free. Does it have milk in it?
Them : I don't know I'll have to go and ask.
Waiting. Them : Yes, it does.
Me: no, thank you then.
Them : But we have this it is Gluten Free
Or yesterday up to the waiting on second stall advertised as VeganPasty.
Same questions: Me: are you sure the pastry is Dairy Free?
Them: Well it is Gluten Free.
Me: Is the pastry Dairy Free?
Them: Oh, I thought you said Gluten Free.
Mesadperplexed as to how dairy an gluten sound the same. So is it Dairy Free, it says it is Vegan so it should be but is the pastry?
Them: ( checking) Oh, yes it is.
Me : Then I will have one please.
Them: Do you want salad with it?
Me: Is the mayonnaise on the potato salad and coleslaw Dairy Free? ( only four choices of salads and one I don't care for.)
Young Girl: it has egg in it? ( she had been next to other assistant and heard all of previous conversation)
Me: ( losing the will by now) does it have Dairy as in milk?
YG : Oh, yes it does?
Me: No thank you then I'll just have the pasty?
YG: Would you like anything else?
Me: no thank you( I could face it and I had now got a queue behind me.)
I did enjoy the pasty and no ill effects so must have been vegan after all.

I did once do a chicken and cow impression with some young waitress when I was feeling a bit grumpy. One of the young waitress thought it was hilarious. It was her pal I was explaining it to and I had the Gluten Conversation beforehand. She went off to tell one of the others complete with actions. They were in stitches at the end of a long day so I'm glad that I made them laugh.
Does anyone else have this problem?
How can people not understand what dairy is? And if they have all been trained about Gluten why not mention dairy at the same time?

My daughter is vegan and has the same problem so takes food with her all the time.

Sorry for the long post grin

peripateticparents Mon 27-Jun-16 13:13:50

Currently not in the UK. DS has multiple food allergies, including milk....

So you want lactose free?
No, i need dairy free...
Oh, we have gluten free! <satisfied smile>.
No, I need dairy free. No milk.
So you can't have lactose?

anotherdayanothersquabble Mon 27-Jun-16 20:44:25

I have recently had two ridiculous conversations along the lines of:
Here is the list of allergies (dairy and gluten), can you send me the list of food you can provide that will be suitable.
We cater for people with allergies all the time, there is no need to worry
Can I see the menu options
Eventually received the menu options and there was nothing that didn't either have cheese or wheat in it. One place offered to serve just the salad and vegetables, and one admitted that the list was infact just for those who were vegetarian (8 out of 15 options had fish!!) or could not eat pork, the breakfast option (for 7 year olds on a residential trip, was coffee!)

Ditsy4 Mon 27-Jun-16 23:29:24


mamado Thu 30-Jun-16 13:24:44

In a pub for lunch recently - dh said to the waitress "my daughters have food allergies to dairy, eggs and nuts, will you be able to cater for us?" Waitress replies "well, I can't tell you what allergies your child has' and walks off - we vacate pretty quick!

Ditsy4 Wed 06-Jul-16 05:45:04

That is awful. I had a pub lunch the other day and asked about two dishes I fancied pulled pork and curry. Both had dairy in so the young guy gave me the book to look through myself - never had that happen before. Nothing I could find except dis and chips but I didn't was a huge portion so settled for ham roll.

babybarrister Sun 17-Jul-16 19:42:25

I feel your pain is all I can say!

Ditsy4 Sun 17-Jul-16 23:05:46

Oh typos.
Ha ha! I have calmed down a bit since then. I went out for lunch today at a gallery/cafe we go to and had a lovely soup & roll.

ForeverBeingFobbedOff Wed 03-Aug-16 20:18:26

Haha, yes!

Recent conversation in local patisserie as I was perusing their (advertised as gluten free) macarons:
Me: Do any of your macarons come with a dairy-free filling?
Waitress 1: Well I don't think they have eggs in.
Me (stifling my frustration): No, eggs are not dairy. I mean dairy as in milk. Do they all have milk in the filling?
Waitress 2, butts in: Yes of course. But they are GLUTEN FREE, pointing to the sign.
Me: Yes, thank you, but I need them to be both gluten free AND milk free, so...
Waitress 2, looking at me expectantly: So do you want them?
Me: confused

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