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Eczema and swimming yes or no?

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gingerninja Fri 19-Jan-07 20:19:11

I want to take DD swimming but she's got eczema. Should I do it? If so should I take any precautions against the chlorine? Also what should I dress her in for best protection? She's 18 wks

christywhisty Fri 19-Jan-07 20:47:21

I go swimming with eczema, it doesn't seem to get any worse, but doesn't make it any better either.

But not sure for a young baby. I would make sure that you wash her down as soon as possible after.

NotAnOtter Fri 19-Jan-07 20:48:19

no - i suffered terribly as a girl

bewilderbeast Fri 19-Jan-07 20:51:38

no used to make mine really bad as a child

tobysmumkent Fri 19-Jan-07 21:01:41

Message withdrawn

fizzbuzz Fri 19-Jan-07 21:03:05

Chlorine makes my eczema much worse. However I used to put a waterproof barrier cream on it, and then it was OK.

It was just one of those moisturisers that are used for eczema, but can't remember the name of it. It had a consistancy like lard, and I used to refer to it as goosefat...sorry can't remember name, but worked really well.

essanel Fri 19-Jan-07 21:10:34

I have psorisas and use a barrier cream called epdaderm which does have a consistency of lard but does the business!

essanel Fri 19-Jan-07 21:11:34

I have psorisas and use a barrier cream called epdaderm which does have a consistency of lard but does the business!

essanel Fri 19-Jan-07 21:13:13

oops double posting - must be the 2nd glass of wine taking effect (both kids at dh parents for the evening woohoo!!)

furcoatandnoknickers Fri 19-Jan-07 21:27:59

Swimming made my excema very itchy and 'hot'. But then the rain made it feel hot also (following that thread also!) I had to really washed it off well with some milky stuff - blueish turquoise bottle??? cant think of name....

Dior Fri 19-Jan-07 21:33:58

Message withdrawn

fizzbuzz Fri 19-Jan-07 21:41:13

Dior, is it eczema or an allergy to chlorine (which I have) which brings me out in hives?

tobysmumkent Fri 19-Jan-07 23:24:33

Message withdrawn

belgianmama Fri 19-Jan-07 23:30:48

Yes. My ds went swimming. Important to go straight in the shower and moisterise when home (or there if you want to). It did make it slightly worse if I didn't rinse it of properly, though he adores the water (he was a true waterbaby) and I think he would have hated it more if I had kept him away from the pool.

furcoatandnoknickers Fri 19-Jan-07 23:44:45

yes yes yes thats the one- oilatum very spenny, but sooo soothing.

tobysmumkent Fri 19-Jan-07 23:50:25

Message withdrawn

Dior Sat 20-Jan-07 12:46:20

Message withdrawn

poppiesinaline Sat 20-Jan-07 13:39:44

I have given up taking DS2 swimming for this reason. I used to cream him up before he went in. Shower him immediately after and cream him up again and continually cream him every hour the rest of the day but his eczema would still flare up really really badly for about 7-10 days after and only steroid cream would settle it down.

I suppose the only thing you can do is try and see what happens.

chloesmumtoo Sun 21-Jan-07 11:28:00

yes we used to do the same. I would only take her when her skin was at its best but we would suffer again for weeks because of it. our daughter is five and loved the water but hardly goes. Someone did give me advice which I havnt looked into yet, about contacting our council to find out about chlorine free pools?

gingerninja Tue 23-Jan-07 13:23:54

thanks everyone, I'll probably give it a miss until she's a bit older and, hopefully, it's settled down a bit.

sunlight500 Thu 22-Feb-07 14:03:22

Message withdrawn

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