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3 month old with hives

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user1465491149 Thu 09-Jun-16 18:02:26

Hi, my 3 month old son has hives. They come and go and are all over his head, face and body. Doctor says allergic reaction but he's too young for medicine. Has anyone experienced this and/or have any tips for dealing with them?? He's fine in himself but they do flare up quite badly. I have no idea what he could be allergic to, he's still on the same milk and haven't changed washing powder.....

fluffikins Wed 15-Jun-16 05:57:08

I'd change washing powder first and possibly use no washing powder for a week or so to serif it improves - it could have built up and be causing aggravation so rinse rinse rinse.

Other obvious allergy is cows milk so looking Into changing formula is your best bet there

elevenfouromfg Wed 15-Jun-16 06:27:56

My daughter started getting hives around eight months. The first time it happened it frightened the life out of me but it was a reaction to her sitting under a pine tree! She was given an antihistamine which worked. She also had a reaction to cows milk so we gave her goats milk or soya. From time to time the hives would reappear but it is often impossible to say what caused the reaction.

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