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awful anxiety over my DS peanut allergy

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SophieofShepherdsBush Sat 04-Jun-16 19:43:08

I know others have it worse etc, but I'm such a worrier, I feel like im on edge all the time, terrified of a reaction. It's not like he's ever had a really bad reaction and im still terrified. He has been prescribed epipen as his skin prick tests showed a severe enough reaction to peanuts. He's 6, ADHD, impulsive, would eat chocolate and question whether it had peanuts in mid mouthful. He probably has autism and odd, and it's the allergy I would take away if I could. He's just had a mild reaction, either to long grass or peas of all thr stupid things, and although the antihistamine bought it under control I just feel like weeping, like a post adrenaline feebleness. It wasn't even bad but I rushed the kids into town so I could ask thd pharmacist if it was going to get does everyone cope without becoming a recluse/depressed/nervous wreck?

neolara Sat 04-Jun-16 19:50:23

Has your ds only recently been diagnosed? My 6yo dd was diagnosed with a peanut allergy aged 2 and initially I was very anxious. But after a while it becomes the new normal. You get into a routine of checking everything, you learn what's safe and what's risky, you scare them into being super careful and ram it home that they must ask a grown up if food is safe before eating it.

SophieofShepherdsBush Sat 04-Jun-16 20:08:14

It's been 2 years since he was tested. I was getting more relaxed about it, maybe today's reaction was needed. For both of us, me to get more on the ball again, and for him to actually understand what an allergic reaction felt like, as the last reactions were when he was two.

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