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Hayfever - is there a shot you can get?

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CheshireEditor Sat 28-May-16 13:09:14

DS1 aged 14's hayfever this year has been the worst ever. Days off school, unable to function properly. He's had every tablet, nasal spray, local honey, prescription going. Someone at work mentioned an injection she's had, I'm going to take him to the docs, but just wanted to ask if you've ever heard of / had this done?

lennonj Sat 28-May-16 19:21:37

I used to have kenalog injections, which are a steroid. I haven't heard of anyone having these anymore. Not sure if they're considered a particularly safe thing nowadays, but you could Google it. It is awful, I have mostly grown out of mine now I'm in my 40's though!

Wolpertinger Sat 28-May-16 19:30:07

Kenalog isn't recommended anymore as it is a very potent immune suppressant and leaves you at risk of serious infections (amongst many other serious side effects) so most GPs will be v reluctant or refuse to prescribe it.

Apparently the trick with hayfever is to identify when it started this year and note it down for next. Then (allowing for the weather which might bring on whatever you are allergic to earlier) start your whole hayfever regime 2 weeks before you have any symptoms as the treatment, especially the nasal spray is much much more effective as a preventer than as a reliever once the hayfever is in place.

I have never once remembered to do this unfortunately but thankfully my hayfever is mild and over early in the season.

cutefluffyunicorn Tue 21-Jun-16 18:13:49

you can have a course of immunotherapy, which is often given as injections but can also be a course of sub lingual tablets. I do not know how easy this is to get on the NHS.
I sympathise with your ds. I think people often underestimate how bad hayfever can be. I came extremely close to ringing in sick from work on Monday due to it, and I am NEVER off sick. I had been awake most of the night feeling like I was choking, my throat felt like it had been sandpapered, my chest was wheezy, tight and achey and my nose was streaming. My head was blocked and I had earache. Not to mention my eyes had glued themselves together!
I take a combination of about 4 different antihistamines by this point in the year and still it only just takes the edge off. I cant use the nasal sprays because they gave me really bad nose bleeds.
I am thinking of going to the GP myself to ask about immunotherapy because it makes me feel so ill every year. And i always start antihistamines in March and continue until October!
I think it would be worth asking your GP about it , before he gets to GCSE age if possible. I cant imagine how hard it would be trying to do exams feeling this ill .
Hope he is feeling better soon.

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