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Have I got this wrong "peanut allergies are the most serious"

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InTheSandPit Thu 26-May-16 12:32:39

Having coffee with some others this morning. Somehow school lunch boxes came up.
I commented it was unfair to exclude nuts from lunch boxes, as they didn't exclude milk, bananas, eggs, strawberries and anything else someone could have an anaphylactic reaction to. I was rounded on as "nut allergies are the ones that kill, they are the most serious". Surely if you go into anaphylactic shock with simething they are all as serious as each other??? Or are anaphylactic reactions to nuts always worse than other ingredients?
They then went on to say the oils in nuts are bad because they And why wouldn't a milk spill on my trousers have the same affect as nut oil on my arm where toddler wipes around. This I can sort of get my head round, but is it truewiped it? Don't get me wrong, if I get a message back from school "child in your child's class is seriously allergic to x" and I was asked to, I'd eliminate. But the whole school is nut free. I don't pack peanut butter sarnies, or "hazelnut and raisin" cookies, but I don't read the ingredients.but ive actually no idea if I'm sending in stuff with nuts present in a non obvious way. Surely this is more serious, as the child thinks no nuts are present (if, indeed there is a child in the school who cannot tolerate nuts, this I don't know) when actually there could be enough none obvious nuts present to kill them?

If, say, egg allergies can be as serious as nut allergies (ie they can kill you), do places exclude eggs? Or is that seen as "too difficult" so other systems are put in place to keep a sensitive person safe?

Can anyone educate me, or direct me somewhere that can educate me??? I've looked at Allergy UK, but that seems to split by allergen, and the faq are about but free schools.


DropYourSword Thu 26-May-16 12:35:34

I'm pretty sure anaphylaxis is anaphylaxis regardless of what you're allergic too. So I don't think they are more 'serious'. I think maybe nut allergies are just more common.

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