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Vegan with PCOS. Help!

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Hagrid3112 Sun 22-May-16 13:36:36

I suffer with PCOS and recently found out that changes in diet can help to reduce the symptoms.
I can't have gluten, soy or dairy, and must keep my carbs down as much as possible.
Just before finding out about this, I became vegan, which was fine at first, but now adding in all the other things I'm not allowed - especially soy - I'm really struggling to eat enough and this past week have been feeling really light headed a lot.

When I eat breakfast, I'm usually better, but then find that I'm not really hungry for the rest of the day, and just feel a bit sick if I force myself to eat.

I started off ok. Learned how to make a lovely curry, and a cabbage stew and make veg stew, too. I make a big batch, then portion up and freeze, but there are only so many times I can eat them in a week before I get sick of it.
I occasionally have stir-fry, but don't really enjoy it without noodles - I've tried zucchini noodles and sweet potato noodles, but I don't really like them.

When I eat the stuff I make, it seems to be well balanced, because I eat much smaller portions than before and feel great, but when I'm sick of them or have no time to make more, I just eat stuff I shouldn't and feel like crap.

Does anyone have any recipe/meal suggestions??

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