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Toddler with suspected CMPI

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WittgensteinsBunny Sun 22-May-16 09:37:26

I've always suspected that DD2 is CMPI. She has always struggled to poo, as a little baby going every 10-11 days. She has been ebf. She is 14 months. She still has a lot of breast milk. We eat, on the whole, very healthily: all sorts of beans, veg, fruit, meat, fish, whole grains etc, Her older sister who eats the same diet has no issues with poo'ing whatsoever! I've managed to increase her water intake, which was a bit on the low side when we started weaning. This has helped a bit. But she still continues to have awful constipation, and it's gone on for months now. It actually makes me feel like I'm failing her as a mum. Her legs shake, she sweats, she stamps her feet, she looks so frightened. It's really very distressing for everyone. We've given movicol, which is hard to get in and doesn't seem to make a difference when we do. DH is CMPI, this is a recent discovery by a nutritionist a few years' ago. His excema has cleared up; he doesn't get stomach ache after eating. I've asked the HV and GP about this but both have said that constipation is common, give her juice, water, fibre and the meds. They have both said that dairy intolerance would cause loose stools and it definitely won't be that. The movicol really hasn't made much of a difference. I'm at my wits end and poor DD struggles so much to poo. We're back to her going every 5-6 days, blood in the poo and so much screaming. She wants to bf all the time; she has lots of wet nappies so I just don't think it can be not getting enough fluids. I've decided with DH that we should both exclude dairy to see if it makes a difference over the next couple of weeks. If it does, where then? Will the doctor take me seriously? He sort of did a raised eyebrow thing when I bought it up last time. Is nutritionist better? Is there a recipe book for how to do this? Would love some advice / experience help.

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fatandold Fri 27-May-16 00:15:47

My DS with CMPA (amongst other allergies) never had constipation with it. Only ever gets a bit bunged up if he eats lots of meat that day. Excess wind, reflux, tummy cramps, loose stools, eczema - YES. Diagnosed at 4 weeks old and bf.

Maybe look at other causes? Excluding CM is a royal pain. Gp should be looking at cause not just symptoms esp as this has been going on for so long. Praps ask for a paeds referral?

For now, I'd add more drinks of water or diluted fruit juice. And more raisins and fruit into diet.

Poor little thing!

fraggle84 Fri 27-May-16 08:53:29

I'd excluded dairy for 2 weeks and see how she gets on.

Good substitutes are koko milk, pure sunflower spread, koko yoghurts

I avoid soya as the protein is very similar

If it helps I'd then book a gp appointment and ask for something like neocate active

WittgensteinsBunny Tue 31-May-16 14:50:34

Thank you both. We're a week into exclusion, it's easy because DH doesn't have dairy, as it triggers his eczema so I'm used to it. We don't have lots of soya, just the odd soya latte. I've ordered some look + calcium milk & yoghurts. I've been told by another mum that it took 3ish weeks before she noticed a difference in her little girl after excluding dairy.

Dd hasn't had a poo since last Tuesday now. shock sad I'm at a complete loss with this.

She has lots of breast milk & water

She has daily servings of beans, prunes, apples and other fruits, such as berries and pears. She eats oat bars and whole grain breads. She likes and eats veggies with dinner / lunch every day. However, today, she's refused all solid food, just breast milk. Not much water either.

I constantly offer water in a variety of cups and bottles (she's picky day to day). And she has lots of wet nappies.

I've bought orange juice today to try and see if that will help. Encourage drinking.

I'm going to have to start a course of movicol again. I have no idea how to get the correct amount into her. As she pushes drinks with it in away. She's learned to say no since posting.

The other thing is that she will only poo at home and we've been away. Maybe this is behavioural? I guess it's back to the GP in a week or so too.

I feel like I've failed. I can't even feed her properly. sad.

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WittgensteinsBunny Sun 05-Jun-16 19:12:28

In case anyone is reading!

DD has poo'd twice this week. Wednesday and today. Today's was soft. Like baby toddler poo. She strained a bit but it was over quickly. We've been dairy free for a fortnight (except for a tiny nibble of some cheese and a barney bear Dd1 left lying around).

We've increased water even more and included juice this last week. I'm now serving dinner as 3 courses: vegetables, then protein & carbs, then fruit. Both girls are eating even more veggies now.

I'm really hoping this is the start of progress!

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pashmina696 Tue 07-Jun-16 22:13:51

Took 5 weeks for my CMPI (or delayed CMPA to be more accurate) to get bowel movements normal but he definitely had an issue pooing (constipation) and it was completely sorted out by excluding dairy. We use a lot of coconut oil, olive oil, pure spread, koko milk. Good luck - best to get an allergist appointment and support from a dietician.

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