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Any advice/tips for a parent awating skin prick test resulta for a nut allergy?

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HanHanHanHan Wed 18-May-16 11:14:55

DD is waiting for skin prick tests for a nut allergy.

She has had a reaction to tree nuts, we do not know about peanuts yet.

She is 5yo. She goes to parties, play dates and we eat out.

How do we manage these situations from now on?

Feeling overwhelmed, have been to avoid all 'may contain nuts' products until she is tested. Going through the cupboards it seems this will mean cooking most things from scratch.

How do you cope? What is your advice for parents waiting for tests and who are just beginning to understand the implications of this allergy?

Loraline Wed 18-May-16 11:20:20

Hi. I have a tree nut allergy so grew up with it, rather than being a parent. My best advice is to go the the Anaphylaxis Campaign website for resources and call the helpline for a friendly, informed chat. They're a great resource

Hope the allergy is mild and you're not too stressed flowers

lordsteatime Wed 18-May-16 14:10:21

carry antihistamine.

read labels, and look at this as an opportunity to improve family diet by cooking from scratch. It is one of the advantages of food allergies.
Food shopping takes longer, that is grim.

Waitingformiracles Sun 12-Jun-16 13:31:40

I am an adult with a severe peanut, nut, lentils, peas, beans and fish allergy.

Checking packets is something you will get used to and the presence of nuts is something that legally has to be very well labelled. As said already carry antihistamines.

Has she had a reaction to something which says "may contain" before?
I personally eat things that say "may contain" or "cannot guarantee" as it is an entirely voluntary disclaimer manufacturers put on items often to cover their own backs and many items which do not have it written on just haven't chosen to put it on. I have seen bottled water, orange juice etc eith those labels on. My allergy consultant told me just to ignore those disclaimers as the odds of there being something in them is very very low and I have never had a reaction from something that had one of those labels on in 25 years but it is entirely up to you what you feel comfortable with and what you feel is best for your daughter.

Hope the test comes around soon

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