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stomach problem & sick every day! Anyone help?

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1moretime Tue 17-May-16 19:35:31

Not sure if iv posted this in the right place!
Since December I have been feeling/bring sick & had a pain well more uncomfortable feeling in my upper left side.
Back in December my gp after 3 visits started me on lazaprozole which helped ease the discomfort & I wasn't sick as much.
In January I went back again as I just wasn't feeling right & kept getting this pain & my stomach swells but across the top just under my breasts! I feel dull after small meals.
Gp done bloods & referred me for a scan as I have pcos so suspected a cyst on my ovary.
In the meantime while waiting for my ultrasound appointment I had a positive pregnancy test. When I went for the scan my gp had told me to mention this & to check everything was ok, he said we'll at least it explains the sickness. At my scan at beginning of March I was 6 weeks pregnant so obviously this didn't explain the sickness etc on December.
As we were so excited about being pregnat the main focus at the scan was checking baby, altho she did check my ovaries too, she didn't actually scan me where I get the pain in upper left abdo.

Anyhow to try cut a long story short, I'm now nearly 18 weeks pregnant & still bein sick every day & had it worse between 7-11 weeks. I did suffer bad sickness with my DS also so I know part of the sickness is due to hormones etc. My worry is this has been going in since December & im still getting a swollen bloated tummy is starting to shape now but it sticks right out across the top instead of bottom where baby is!!
Everything I eat through the day seems to stay in my stomach until the evening when my sickess is worst, then I'm sick until my stomach is completely empty then my stomach will go down a bit.
Anyone experienced anything like this or know what is going oN? ?

I was at gp a few weeks ago & mentioned it again & he said there isn't much they can do at the min as I'm pregnant but may need an endoscopy afterwards If it carry on. I'm scared as my baby grows & gets bigget that my stomach is gonna be worse.
tried gaviscon & on my second lot of anti sickness pills.

Please please help! X

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