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Help understanding RAST results please

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ShortyShortLegs Mon 16-May-16 23:52:06

I've had blood tests done while I wait to be seen at the allergy clinic (had to do questionnaire online too).
I've had the results but don't understand them - I was hoping someone here would help please?

Results as follows:

Tomato <0.01 KUA/L <0.35

Peanut <0.01 KUA/L <0.35

Peach <0.01 KUA/L <0.35

Mixed Grasses 0.41 KUA/L * <0.35
"Grass mix contains: sweet vernal, rye, timothy, cultivated rye and velvet grasses"

Fish (Cod) <0.01 KUA/L <0.35

Total IgE Level 64.0 kU/L 0.0-81.0

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mamado Tue 17-May-16 21:13:22

Hi! I'm not sure but my daughter's results for items she is allergic to ranged from 1.88 to 93.8 KUA/L - does that help at all?

lennonj Wed 18-May-16 19:11:28

I think that if it's above 0.35 KUA it is likely to cause an allergic reaction. So from your tests that would be mixed grasses.

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